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Baume et Mercier Watches

Baume et Mercier Watches

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History of Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier is a brand that has been winning the hearts of watch connoisseurs for almost 190 years! In 1830, two brothers founded the brand, and worked tirelessly for many years since then to build its fame and reputation. Their hard work led them to the Geneva Seal award in 1919, the highest distinction one can get for excellent timekeeping back in the 1990s. Right from the beginning, there was an attempt to bring innovation to the Baume and Mercier watch, and they swayed from the usual round shapes that were the only designs in vogue back then. Today, the brand stands in equal popularity with companies like Montblanc, Cartier, and so on.

Despite their splendor and grandeur, Baume & Mercier does not come with a hefty price tag. Some of their timepieces are as sophisticated as it could get yet having a more affordable price. This has also contributed to the brand’s success among watch lovers.

The Early 1900s and the Late 1900s

The watch company humbly started its journey in Les Bois in 1830. The brothers had the ambition of introducing fine premium excellence and thus worked their ways through every obstacle and hardship. With a branch in London, their business expanded internationally, which proved to be quite beneficial for them. Right at the beginning of the 1900s, William Baume and Paul Mercier joined hands for collaboration. Since then, the brand has its roots in Geneva. As years passed, the brand became conscious of what the women would need. One of the first watchmakers to do so, this company did a survey and revolutionized certain models for women. This step proved to be a milestone for Baume & Mercier as they put in thoughts about style and comfort for the women’s watches. This brand could be considered one of the pioneers who did not leave out women’s watches as a mere spin-off of the male counterparts. In the late 1940s, Baume & Mercier launched Marquise, one of the most sought-after models. Following this, the brand came up with several features like the triple date displays or the moon phase, which are still used in some of the modern renditions today.

The late 1900s proved to be quite successful for the company. They not only expanded their business but also introduced various new designs that took to everyone’s interests at once. For some time, Baume & Mercier was searching for a design that would cater to all and bring a balance to technology and innovation. In the 1960s, they finally found their search and created the traditional archetypal round watch. With the introduction of the Riviera in 1973, a feather got attached to the company’s cap and inspired the makers to set the designs for the likes of Galaxie and Stardust. It was in 1988 when the brand came to the decision of becoming a part of the Vendome Group, currently known as the Richemont. Later, Baume & Mercier had also increased their business by collaborating with race car companies and introducing their sports watch collections.

Baume & Mercier Watch Collections

Do you know that Baume & Mercier is one of those few brands with in-house watch production unit? Starting from designing to finishing to testing the timekeeping features, everything is tried and tested in Switzerland before being sent out to the showrooms. The design and the development are looked over at the Geneva headquarters. For the next part of assembly and production, there are quite a number of workshops in Swiss Jura. As you look into the different collections of Baume and Mercier watch, you would find that each type comes with its distinguished features, movement, dial sizes, band type and materials.

Clifton Collection

This had been introduced in solidarity with the Baumatic movement. The watches have precise functions and come with the traditional round shape of the dial. The cases are either made of steel or gold. If you want something unique from this collection, go for those watches that have the Baume & Mercier signature blue colored background with steel or an alligator strap.

Classima Collection

Already known for its affordability, this collection adds more value to the brand by featuring timeless designs. The solid quartz watches and automatic watches are highly authentic in their looks and come in different sizes (31mm - 40mm). Launched in 2016, this is one of the most diverse collections of Baume & Mercier.

Promesse Collection

There is nothing better than the watches of this collection that keeps up with the aesthetics of a woman. The dials are small or medium in size and hold a flattering and unique appeal. From oval to round, the Promesse collection introduces something new time and again so as to fulfill the timekeeping needs of sophisticated ladies. The watches sit perfectly on the slender wrists and add to the charm of the ladies.

Hampton Collection

This deviates from the usual round shape and has been characterized by the rectangular dials. It is needless to say that these watches fall under the non-traditional bracket. A favorite of vintage watch collectors, the Hampton watches exhibit antique looks and feature self-winding mechanical movements. Without any complexities, this collection is a win-win for everyone.

Add a Baume & Mercier Watch into Your Collection

You would be surprised to know that Baume & Mercier not only wins people’s hearts but also prides itself on 10 Grand Prix awards and 7 gold medals. Baume & Mercier makes sure that the touch of Swiss excellence is at its finest in all the watches. Their watches have always been a favorite with watch enthusiasts, who include its ranking in the top 25 luxury brands in the world. Their vintage timepieces are as famous as their modern collections, and people always turn to Baume & Mercier for the ultimate comfort. With a wide range of diversity available in each of the watches, you are sure to find the best one that caters to your wishes and requirements.

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