3 Most Popular Military Watches

Toughness, resistance to extreme conditions, multi-functional, these are all words to describe a military watch. Let’s pick one from the list below to show your masculinity and character.

3 Top Military Watches You Should Know

Casio G-shock

The Japanese watch brand Casio is famous for its electronics and digital products. Many Casio watches are digital or a combination of analog and digital, leading the trend in the watchmaking industry. The brand is the pioneer of electronic technologies and has brought the best digital watches to the world stage. Its G-shock series with colourful and attractive design shines in the sports world and fashion circle while the toughness and durability of G-shock attract the attention of military personnel. 

The most popular series among Casio watches must be the g shock watches for men.

Aim at sports and outdoor activities, g shock military collection has an excellent performance in shock and vibration resistance. The cool and distinctive design of G-Shock makes it outstanding on the wearer’s wrist and the practical functions and reasonable price of it lead to its rising popularity.

The first G-Shock was born in 1983, featuring a 10-year battery, resistance to shock and vibration and water resistance to 100 meters. This sports watch adopts a layer guard structure to protect it from shocks and vibrations. The rubber outer layer is a shield for the more vulnerable inside parts, making this outlook the icon of G-Shock.

Together with the stainless steel case back and the extra-hard glass surface, the timepiece is stronger and more durable than others. The brand has an innovative spirit in designing outdoor watches. Apart from rubber wristband, there are new models that fitted with steel or titanium wristband. 

The features of today’s G-shocks include a stopwatch and countdown timer function, electroluminescent backlight for visibility in the dark and 200-meters of water resistance. G-shock is considered as one of the strongest watches in the world.

The latest G-Shock models feature more advanced functions like atomic clock sync and solar energy. In all G-Shock watches for men, MRG is the most advanced series among them, equipped with high-end technology and high-performance materials.

The series has been named the best G-shock and one of the best outdoor watches.  MRG is not only a G-Shock military-style watch but also a multi-function chronograph and the best GPS watch. A chronograph is a combination of watch and stopwatch. It has a smaller dial for stopwatch display and an independent sweep second hand for time-keeping.

Function-wise, this watch includes a time adjustment system capable of obtaining data via G-Shock Bluetooth, GPS signals, and time signals,*GPS hybrid radio-controlled solar combines Casio’s own solar power charging system, positioning using GPS, and reception of time calibration signals around the world, making it the best GPS watch for hiking.

The G-Shock military watches also possess solar energy and are water-resistant to 200 meters, a strong performance when compared to other diving watches. Some advanced models are fitted with the first-ever dura soft fluoro-rubber band, offering both a comfortable touch and durability to users. 

Hamilton Khaki field

Hamilton watches are well known for American Spirit and Swiss Precision. The Swiss-made movements guarantee the precision, no matter they are automatic, mechanical, or quartz watches. Hamilton is good at craftsmanship of military and aviation timepieces, including the Khaki Field, Khaki Aviation, Khaki Navy. 

Hamilton Khaki field has a 38mm stainless steel case with simple design. The clear design is made up of essential elements, three hand display, black, white or green dial, luminescent numerals, most importantly, fitted with the durable, Hamilton only NATO strap.

The timepiece is a vintage military watch originated from the timepiece of soldier, maintaining the toughness and coolness of the American Army watches. Though it has a rather basic design, its sophisticated self-winding caliber makes it the best field watches. The latest H-50 movement provides a power-reserve of 80 hours.  

Bell and Ross

Bell and Ross is one of the innovative brand for military-style watches. Greatly inspired by aviation army and aeronautical instruments, the brand is proud of its precise craftsmanship in Swiss. It has a goal to create timepieces for men in extreme conditions. Gathering elites in design and engineering, Bell & Ross guarantees every of its watch with legibility, functionality, precision and reliability. 

The special square-shape design of Bell and Ross watches bring them to the spotlight. The 46mm square-shape case in the series brings an extraordinary, charming outlook. Inspired by air force, some of the models have a dial design similar to meters and aeronautical instruments in the cockpits.

Among all, the compass watch with an advanced design dial is one of the most wanted. The brand spent a great effort in combining the design if a navigation compass and an easy-to-read watch.

The latest models even include a bi-compass design drawn from the actual American Navy instruments. The mechanical automatic watch is fitted in a steel case and an iconic screw-in crown, symbolizing the strength of men.

The anti-reflective sapphire helps enhance the readability of the dial. The strap of the square watches is a heavy-duty synthetic fabric one, ensuring the durability and toughness. With so many different choices, Bell and Ross is considered as the best tactical watch in the market. 

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