A Comprehensive Review Of Tudor

Tudor is one of the popular watch brands that is known for making luxury watches. Tudor is a sister company of another top brand Rolex. Both Tudor and Rolex were founded by Hans Wildorf, a German businessman. Over the years, Tudor has become famous for its diving watches for use by navies across the world. Of late, the company has carried out a brand re-launch offering new products for consumers across the world.

About the brand

Tudor was registered as a brand in 1926 by a subsidiary of Hans Wildorf. The company was formally taken over by Wildorf in 1936. It was registered as Montres Tudor SA in 1946. Wilsdorf started the brand because he wanted to offer a watch with the same quality of Rolex but at a lower cost. 

The Rolex quality craftsmanship was incorporated into the Tudor watch. Initially, off-the-shelf movements were used to reduce the price. However, Rolex cases and bracelets were used to ensure a luxury feel to the watches. The use of a self-winding rotor and an Oyster case allowed the brand to start making tool watches. 

In collaboration with the French Navy, the company made its first diving watch. The Tudor Submariner line of watches were diving watches that were waterproof up to 200 meters. They made watches for the US Navy too. The first chronograph was released in 1970. They followed this up with the Monarch collection released in 1991. 

In 2009, the company made a major re-launch of the brand. They came out with many offerings that were targeted at consumers who wanted a luxury watch at a competitive price. Their watch collections had variety but retaining the classic features of their old watches. Tudor uses watch movements made by other Swiss companies. They launched their own movements in 2015.


Why Tudor is so popular?

Tudor is growing in popularity across the world and its watches are available in the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, and many other countries. There are many reasons why the Tudor brand has become so popular in recent times.

  • The re-launch of the brand helped it to connect with today’s customers who want a blend of modernity and vintage appearance.
  • The biggest reasons for Tudor’s popularity lies in the fact that it offers watches of the Rolex quality at a lesser price. People who aspire to wear a quality watch but cannot afford it can now buy Tudor watches. Made from the same brand that owns Rolex, the watch offers quality, precision performance, craftsmanship, and elegance in design.
  • While the watches are inspired by Rolex, there are many new offerings. There are news design with modern features that make the watches good for today’s market.
  • The high quality of the watches, use of in-house movements, the reputed brand name, and the value for money pricing have made Tudor a popular brand.

Top collections and watches

Some of the top collections and models offered by Tudor in the market are listed below.

1) The Black Bay Collection

Tudor Black Bay features watches to celebrate 60 years of making diving watches. Black Bay is one of the iconic watches made by Tudor. There are a number of luxury watches that form a part of this collection. These diving watches are water-resistant. Most of these watches feature the MT5602 in-house movement of Tudor

The watches range from 32 mm in diameter to 43 mm in diameter. The water-resistant features go up to 200 m. The watch is a luxury watch for people on the move. If you are adventurous and want a durable and rugged watch, then you can choose any model of this collection. It is tough and yet has a luxury stylish outlook. The Tudor Black Bay 58, The Tudor Black Bay Chrono, Tudor GMT, Tudor Bronze, and the Tudor Black Bay Steel are some of the models you can consider buying.

BLACK BAY 79012m-0001

2) Pelagos collection

The Tudor Pelagos collection is yet another popular diving watch. It is water-resistant up to 500m making it one of the best underwater watches offered by Tudor. It even has a helium valve specifically include to make it useful for divers. The harness that has a self-adjustable feature makes it well-suited for use during saturation dives. The watch can handle various pressures.

The watch has a 42 mm diameter case. The watch materials are resistant to corrosion. They can be used in the water while sailing. The high precision quality of this watch makes it one of the popular watches offered by Tudor. It is available in both black and blue colors. It has an LHD model for left-handers.

Pelagos Black 25500TN-TITANIUM

3) Tudor 1926

The Tudor 1926 is a collection that was launched to celebrate the launch of the Tudor brand. Inspired by the classic watches made by Tudor, the watches in this collection offer a tribute to their legendary founder Hans Wildorf. The watches offered in this collection are classic, vintage, and stylish watches. 

Of the watches in this collection, one of the top watches is M91650-0005. The watch has a 41 mm diameter case with a 7-link bracelet. It has an embossed pattern on the dial. With a power reserve of 38 hours, the watch is ideal for gentlemen who want luxury and elegance. 

New Tudor 1926 91351-0002

4) Tudor Glamour

If your preference is for a watch that you can wear with a suit, then look no further than the Glamour collection. This collection features luxurious and smartwatches that make you look stylish. If your requirement is for a luxury watch that makes you stand out, then you can consider the Glamour watch. 

The watch has a diamond dial dot, which adds luxury and gives a glamorous appearance that is striking. The watch comes in different sizes from 26 mm diameter to 42 mm diameter. Like all watches in this collection, it is water-resistant up to 100 m. Like all other watches offered by the Tudor brand, there is a five-year warranty on the watches. The warranty is a testament to the reputation of this luxury brand.

Glamour 55023-0021

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