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Hugo Boss Watches

History of Hugo Boss Group

The corporate story of Hugo Boss dates back to 1924, when a business man named Hugo Ferdinand Boss (1885 - 1948) opened a clothing factory in the Swabian town of Metzingen. The company used to market hand-stitched shirts and jackets. Despite the great depression of the 1930s that hit all the major businesses including textiles, the Hugo Boss company made a quick comeback as it received large scale orders from the German Armed Forces. The business grew progressively and soon it became one of the largest companies in Metzingen during the Second World War. Post WW-II, under the leadership of Hugo Boss' son-in-law Eugen Holy, the company expanded its business more aggressively. In the 1950s, the company started manufacturing men’s suits. In 1969, Eugen Holy's sons – Jochen and Uwe Holy took over the company.

In the 1970s, the company registered the brand name BOSS representing its high-quality clothing line for men. In 1985, the Hugo Boss group listed at the Frankfurt stock exchange. In the same time, Hugo Boss AG has started licensing out the BOSS brand to produce accessories and lifestyle products. This diversification started in 1984 with fragrances, which became one of the most popular luxury products from the company. In the 1990s, the company added the second brand HUGO with an aim to introduce progressive and innovative styled clothing and other products.

History of Hugo Boss Watches

Since 1996, a company named Tempus Concept had been holding the license of manufacturing Hugo Boss watches. In December 2004, Hugo Boss has announced a long-term worldwide licensing agreement with MGI Luxury Group S.A to design, produce and market a collection of watches under the BOSS and HUGO brand names. The agreement came into existence on 21 March 2005.

MGI Luxury Group S.A., a Swiss subsidiary of the United States based watch manufacturing giant Movado Group, Inc. Today, Movado Group owns five watch brands: Concord, Ebel, Movado, MVMT and Olivia Burton. Movado Group also manufactures timepieces for its partner brands like Coach, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Scuderia Ferrari and Tommy Hilfiger. In 2017, Hugo Boss decided to focus on two core brands only: BOSS and HUGO. Now, under these two flagship brands, the company offers clothing and accessories including watches.

Hugo Boss Watch Collection

Hugo Boss offers a wide selection of luxury designer watches for both men and women. The customer can choose his or her favorite timepiece from any of the two brands, BOSS or HUGO. The brand offers both automatic and quartz timepieces, with different categories of ranging from classic, time-only dress watches to performance oriented sports models.

A major highlight of the hugo boss watch collection is the immense selection men’s analogue-quartz chronographs with unlimited choices of various styles and functionalities. The noteworthy collections that offer chronograph watches are Aero, Associate, Classic, Contemporary Sport, Integrity, Metronome, Nomad, Peak, Pioneer, Skymaster, Vela and Velocity. Some of them are classically styled; some are retro-inspired while others are modern and sporty.

Each collection has its own design highlights and difference in functions. For example, the Hugo Boss chronograph collection offers models with two counters or three counters dial design; with or without bezel; with tachymeter, GMT or diving bezels; with or without date display; with steel or PVD cases - the options are almost unlimited.

Hugo Boss also provides multi-function chronograph watches suitable for aircrew, professionals, frequent travelers, sports personnel and recreational water-sports enthusiasts. The models like AERO, NOMAD and VELA are some excellent examples of brand’s masculine men watches suitable for both professional and sports activities.

Dressed in a masculine 44m diameter stainless steel case, AERO is a multi-function timepiece dedicated to pilots and other aviation professionals. This high performance watch incorporates chronograph functions, date, tachymeter, a slide-rule bezel and two logarithmic scales for calculating various parameters related to flying. For frequent travelers, the brand offers the NOMAD collection. Combining chronograph, multiple time-zones and date functions, this watch features a 24-h GMT outer-bezel and a rotating inner bezel marked with the codes of 24 global cities. A top model from the brand’s sports chronograph collection is VELA, a 200 meter water resistant watch that can be worn during your water sports activities and recreational diving.

For those who love timepieces with basic functions, Hugo Boss has large inventory of quartz wristwatches featuring the classic three hands lay-out with the option of central seconds or small seconds, the minimalistic two hands, and the most popular three hands with date configuration. Hugo Boss also has a small but remarkable collection of automatic mechanical watches.

Hugo Boss watches for men typically offers round-case models with diameters ranging from 40mm to 46mm. The largest model is Aeroliner Maxx, which has a 50 mm diameter case. The brand also offers square and rectangular watches.

For women, Hugo Boss offers a vast selection of immaculate wristwatches from the collections like Lady Classic, Diamonds, Flawless, Praise, Purity, Signature, Twilight, Virtue etc…The lady customers can choose time-only models or chronographs with the option of gem-set or non-set versions from both BOSS and HUGO labels.

Buy Hugo Boss Watches Now

Hugo Boss brand has been traditionally associated with attributes like luxury, sleekness and elegance. The Hugo Boss timepieces also reflect these key attributes. Whether it is classic, modern, retro, sporty or blended with any of these styles, the wrist watches from the brand always maintain the refined looks, elegant design and sleek silhouette. They feature cool and sophisticated looks rather than provocative or rebellious. One outstanding feature of Hugo Boss watches are their easy on the eyes and cool dials. Most popular shades used are blue, black, grey, silver and light golden shades. Among these, the blue with sunburst finish is probably the most desired dial style for a Hugo Boss wrist watch.

Hugo Boss uses stainless steel as the primary material to craft their watches. The case may be finished in an elegant silver color or PVD coating. Almost every collection from Hugo Boss offers some brilliant black watches for men. In addition to these black PVD watches and chronographs, the brand also offers timepieces with Blue PVD, Grey PVD, Rose Gold PVD and Yellow Gold PVD cases.

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