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Cartier Watches

Cartier Watches

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A Peek into How It All Began

Cartier watches rose from humble beginnings to a fully-fledged luxury brand as a result of strategic decisions and business acumen showcased by the founder’s sons and grandsons. The journey that began from a small workshop grew into a mega scale business that started producing stylish and fashionable watches for both men and women.

As a pioneer in jeweled watches, Cartier has produced several incredible designs and watches till date. The Cartier Ballon Bleu is one such piece that has rightly earned its place as the crown of the brand. They have delightfully combined their love for jewels and passion for watchmaking to produce elegant, stylish, trendy and jeweled watches. At a time, when the market was flooded with regular and monotonous pieces, Cartier broke the clutter with its uniquely crafted and limited editions. With Cartier watches for men, the brand furthered its position and created more in-house designs.

Always ahead of its time, each watch boasted unique art décor style that was inspired by the period. In fact, you can see a classic tinge of Cartier’s watchmaking in the mystery clocks and jeweled watches that Louis produced. With time, Cartier spread its wings and began a global journey. When Louis-Francois Cartier’s sons took over, they realized it was time to recreate history by delivering jeweled timepieces across the world. In 1902, the first-ever Cartier watches store was established in London. This was their first step towards a worldwide presence.

The company got most of its ideas from the present world. The Cartier Tank watch, which later became iconic, was inspired by the tank machines that were part of the U.S. war services in World War I. Similarly, the company was quick to adapt to the evolving role of women post World War I, thus designing watches that matched their new personalities.

How Cartier Grew

When Louis Cartier’s son Alfred took over the company, it still operated out of Paris. However, Louis’s grandsons managed to venture into the global environment with Cartier’s watches and jewelry. They strategically distributed the business and garnered more people as customers for the brand. While the watches produced by the company were high-end and fashionable, it was not until the 20th century that they started creating wristwatches and watches that aimed at solving real-world problems. In 1904, after Louis’s friend complained that the existing pocket watches were not reliable, he designed the first-ever square bezel watch. Cartier Santos happened to be the first variant of men’s wristwatch made by the company. It was highly popular at that time.

In 1907, Cartier opted for Jaeger movement in their watches. Around this time, it had already established itself in London and was eyeing the U.S.

In 1919, the company added the Cartier Tank model inspired from World War I to its collection. At the same time, it also began using other movements within its watches, which proved to be a major change. Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Movado and LeCoultre are some of the companies that associated themselves with Cartier for watch movements.

Apart from joining hands with several other movement makers, the company had also started stamping a four-digit reference code on their watches. The watches not only offer high-end luxury, but also add value to your life with their intrinsic designs, structure and models.

Reorganization and Restructuring of Cartier

Cartier underwent massive restructuring and reorganization post the death of Pierre Cartier. Few years after the reorganization, the company decided to merge their New York and London operations. While they are synonymous with jewelry and watches, Cartier has moved into writing instruments, perfumes, leather goods and lighters too.

At every stage, inspired by the needs of the audience, Cartier has offered new and exclusive product ranges. The last notable edition that was introduced by Cartier was the Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, which is known for its elegance and unique design.

Gems from Cartier Watch Collections

Cartier Santos

The first of its kind wristwatch collection designed specifically for men, the Santos watch was born out of a problem. The need for a more reliable watch with a user-friendly dial inspired Louis Cartier to design this model, which is easy to handle and wear any time. This watch range is designed using gold and steel and both models with and without gems are available. You can easily pair this watch with a steel or leather strap, depending on your choice.

Cartier Pasha

Boasting a mix of contemporary and classic design styles, Pasha timepieces came with a defined dial style that was unique at that time. This watch is produced in all the smooth shapes and comes with a precious cabochon stone on the top. This high-end watch earned popularity among the elite of that time. A lot of them went on to own a Pasha. The watch styles were customized to meet the unique dial and stone needs posed by the owner.

Cartier La Dona Watch

This series is designed for women. Bracelet style watches with unique links, and innovative designs stole the show when they first appeared on the scene. Bold Roman numerals with blue steel sword-shaped hands on the dial were unique and impressive. You could identify it as a Cartier watch because of the design, the innovation and the carefully designed dial.

Cartier Tank

This is a one-of-its-kind wristwatch, specifically designed for the men. It was inspired by the war tank machine design, which led to its rugged appearance and reliable dial. These watches come with a flat and vertical brancard topped with a sapphire cabochon, which exudes luxury and captivates your mind.

Why Not Add a Cartier Watch to Your Collection?

Cartier watches are iconic and fashionable, catering to the luxury market effortlessly. The brand stands for reliable, unique and bejeweled designs. Every watch is designed with a different stone, which makes it stand out. The brand has always created inspirational designs and been ahead of their time. Superior craftsmanship, exquisite designs, intrinsic work, and top-notch movement make their timepieces exceptional. Cartier watches are more than just timekeeping machines. They are legends.

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