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Hamilton Watches

Hamilton Watches

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The Way Hamilton Made Its Mark in the History

When we talk about Hamilton watches, a few things always come to the mind. This company has combined precision, pioneering, and practicality to create watches that are versatile and unique in one way or another. These watches attract individuals that are conscious about their style and appreciators of timepieces. Hamilton has a history that goes long back and completed innumerable milestones to reach where it is today; a brand of luxury. It represents the right balance between American Spirit and Swiss Precision. The Automatic and Quartz movement have taken the railroads, skies, oceans, and urban jungle by storm.

Although the company started in the year 1892, it first made the mark when American railroads was in its early days. As the country was busy in the construction of its crucial infrastructure, Hamilton started the supply of accurate watches that could be synchronised with the rail timing. This helped prevent as well as reduce railroad accidents.

As the aviation developed in 1918, Hamilton began its process of timing the skies. The watches kept the service of new coast to coast U.S. Airmail on time. This significant contribution of the Hamilton watches has helped make it a renowned brand that everyone knows today. It became a part of the Swatch Group in 1974 and moved its headquarters to Biel, Switzerland. This move gave the watches their Swiss label.

Hamilton watches have conquered the international market and are one of the keen interests for the timepiece collectors. Before that and during the World War II, Hamilton stopped its general market watch production. Its sole purpose was to serve the country for which it started to equip U.S. military with precise timepieces. More than a million wrist watches were sold at that time.

For the last 90 years, Hamilton is known as the “Movie Brand” because of its close association with Hollywood. Hamilton watches first made the mark on the silver screen in the movie Shanghai Express, 1932. After that, these watches appeared in The Frogmen, 1951. Hamilton Ventura was endorsed by Elvis Presley in his musical comedy – The Martian after almost 10 years. Once these watches gained popularity, they appeared in more than 450 feature films including box office hits like The Martian, The Tenet and Interstellar. This watch has been chosen by a lot of production designers for its class and luxurious look. Once it garnered enough reputation in the Hollywood, Hamilton started its own Behind the Camera Awards to honour the heroes that played a pivotal role behind the scenes in some of the major movies.

Price and Market Value of Hamilton Watches

Hamilton watches provide sharp and sophisticated designs along with accuracy in timekeeping. For a watch enthusiast or collector, these watches are a must add to the collection.

People who want to invest in a luxurious or semi-luxurious watch should opt for brands like Orient and Seiko. But if they want their money’s worth and good quality; Hamilton is the one to go to. This Swiss-company has introduced watches with affordable price range as well as high-end choices for people that look for a luxurious investment. Just like Tissot, Hamilton watches are much more about quality and less about luxury. Even if you go for a more complicated timepiece like Khaki Aviation and American Classic; the price would still be better as compared to other Swiss luxury watch brands.

Hamilton: Iconic Collections

Hamilton watches are categorised into Khaki, Jazzmaster, and Ventura collections. Every collection speaks innovation, precision, and class.

Hamilton Khaki Collection

Hamilton watches are known for their work with the military. This history boosted the origin of Swiss watches that are bold, resilient, robust, and rugged. The company is proud of its military heritage as it has received the Army-Navy E Award to mark the excellence in production. It is also known for reliability and accuracy that are essential for military personnel. This prestigious military experience is celebrated through three Hamilton Khaki Collections –

- Khaki Field Watches – The watches are robust, resilient, rugged, and ready to face all the difficulties. These timepieces are functional, bold, and designed to never disappoint the owner on the field.

- Khaki Aviation Watches – Starting from the flight pioneer cockpits to today’s commercial, aerobatic, and military pilots; the watches are technical and reliable enough to match adventure with accuracy.

- Khaki Navy Watches – These military watches are created keeping in mind what the ocean explorers need. The durable and functional water sports watches are known for their marine credentials.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Collection

This upbeat collection of watches comprises of a variety of models with unique features for both men and women. Every watch is designed for individuals that enjoy finer things in their life. They are a mark of fine craftsmanship that captures more than just milestone moments. Jazzmaster watches symbolise unexpected design elements, just like the jazz melodies. These masterpieces are unconventional and classic at the same time. Famous watches that come under the Jazzmaster collection are Thinline, Maestro, Lord, Viewmatic, Seaview, Face 2 Face, Open Heart, and Gent.

Hamilton Ventura Collection

Ventura watches are defined by three words; daring, unconventional, and pioneering. These timepieces come under the most iconic watches ever designed by Hamilton. Their electric look is exactly the same today as it was in 1957. The unusual triangular dials with vintage charms are a part of the Hamilton legacy. Ventura unique watches include Elvis80, Open Heart Auto, Chrono Quartz, and Skeleton Auto Limited Edition.

Hamilton company of Swiss-made watchmaker offers refined quality along with innovative movement. It is highly accurate in comparison with the similar luxury watch brands in the same price range. Their timepieces are used in the aviation market for their reliable time-keeping ability and precise movement. One of the co-founders of Hamilton Watches, H.J. Cain designed the company’s first watch in 1893. This paved the way for innovative and technologically-advanced watches.

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