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Gaga Milano Watches

History of Gaga Milano Watches

GaGà Milano was founded by Ruben Tomella in 2004 in Milan. Accurately reflecting the founder’s ardent passion for pocket watches, this Italian watch brand’s timepieces blend art with modern technology. The basic design concept of every gaga Milano watch revolves around 18th century pocket watches.

During the initial stages in the evolution of wristwatches, there was a widespread trend of converting the pocket-watches into a wrist-wear timekeeper. These timepieces are popularly known as conversation watches. The straightforward idea is to equip an antique pocket watch with a strap, allowing it to be worn as a wristwatch.

In 2014, GaGà Milano celebrated its tenth anniversary. To mark the event, the luxury brand developed the Quirky Tourbillon watch in collaboration with Hysek, Switzerland. In the same period, the company also established its own watch factory in Switzerland. Manufacture GaGà S.A deals with research, design, quality control and production of GaGà Milano Swiss made watches.

Football has always been one of the brand’s obsessions. The award-winning Japanese professional soccer player Keisuke Honda is an ardent fan of GaGà Milano watches. In 2016, Brazilian football superstar Neymar Júnior was appointed as the brand ambassador of GaGà Milano watches. Vinícius Júnior, the emerging soccer star from Brazil, is also an ambassador of GaGà Milano. The brand has also been associated with motor-racing and nautical-sports since long time.

Gaga Milano Watch Collection

GaGà Milano takes inspiration from conversion watches, which were popular in the early 20th century, especially during the First World War. For GaGà Milano, Ruben Tomella has reinterpreted the classic century inspired pocket watch design by adding extravagant and modern features. These extra-ordinary wristwatches follow the same aesthetic tastes of gagà, the man who loves to dress extravagantly, but with care.

The inspiring journey of GaGà Milano was kick-started with the Manuale 48. This manual-wound watch perfectly mirrors the exuberance of Ruben Tomella, the founder of GaGà Milano. It features an unusual 48mm diameter case with an eye-catching lug design and the dial circled with large Arabic numerals. The two distinctive features of these timepieces are the large onion-crown positioned at 12 o’clock and the small seconds dial at 6 o’ clock. This flagship collection has grown further to accommodate several variants and limited editions. Presently, the Manuale 48 collection offers Steel, Rose gold plated, PVD black, Fancy Edition, Tourbillon and Diamond-set models.

The brand also offers a number of watch collections inspired by the design of its flagship Manuale 48 model. Available in various configurations and distinctive styles, these highly distinctive watches with massive 48mm diameter case carry their own characteristic features.

The Skeleton 48mm watch features a hand-wound mechanical skeleton movement. This timepiece is available in steel, rose gold plated, PVD and glittering diamond-set versions. The Chrono 48mm is GaGà Milano’s own reinterpretation of so called bull-head design. This atypical and stylish quartz chronograph watch is available in Steel, Rose or Yellow gold plated, PVD black and PVD Gun metal versions.

The Carbon 48mm features enamel dial and a structural carbon case fitted with gold plated or PVD bezel and crown. This manual wound watch is available with Rose or yellow gold plated and black PVD versions. The Diving 48mm is an automatic watch designed for diving enthusiasts. It is equipped with helium escape valve and has a water resistance up to 300 meters. Introduced in 2015, the Crystal 48mm is the first GaGà Milano watch to be equipped with a Swiss made skeletonized manual winding movement. Dressed in a hand-engraved case, the Skullpture 48mm incorporates a sculptured skull design on its black enamel dial. This timepiece has a Swiss made, hand-wound mechanical movement. The Bionic Skull watch features an eye-catching dial design incorporating an enamelled skull with coloured fillings. This watch is available in a 48mm diameter case. Quirky tourbillon is a playful complication watch with a hand-wound mechanical movement. Created in association with Hysek Manufacture in Switzerland, this exclusive limited edition tourbillon watch is available with titanium case or diamond-set gold case.

GaGà Milano also creates timepieces with case diameters less than 48mm. The Slim 46 collection is suitable for those desires to boast the typical GaGà Milano style, but in a restrained manner. These sleek watches are typically equipped with quartz movements. FRAME_ONE, the modern interpretation of the Manuale 48, features a 44mm diameter case. This watch comes with quartz or automatic skeleton movement.

The Manuale 40 is an elegant and slim timepiece that follows the trend initiated by its big brother, the Manuale 48. It elegantly expresses the similar aesthetic principles of the luxury brand’s debut model, but with a modest 40mm case and quartz movement. GaGà Milano also offers Manuale 35, a fashionable ladies’ wristwatch featuring cool designs and colourful details.


GaGà Milano also offers a number of special edition gagamilano collections created in collaboration with sports legends, motor-racing teams, clubs and studios.

In association with its brand ambassador and soccer star Neymar Júnior, GaGà Milano created a number of limited edition collections based on the brand’s flagship models like MANUALE 48mm, CHRONO 48MM and SLIM 46MM. This comprehensive mechanical watch collection offers skeleton, chronograph and diamond-set timepieces featuring the soccer star’s signature on the caseback. The brand also created a limited edition skeleton watch in collaboration with Brazilian soccer start Vinícius Júnior.

In 2017, the legendary Italian soccer club Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan) signed a partnership agreement with GaGà Milano. As the Official Timekeeper of Inter Milan for the 2017/2018 sports season, GaGà Milano also introduced a special edition Manuale 48mm watch. The brand also created some limited edition collections to mark its partnerships with various motor racing and sailing teams. In 2016, in creative collaboration with Warner Brothers, GaGà Milano introduced a special edition watch to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman. In 2019, the brand paid tribute to the superhero of the Justice League: the legendary Batman. The GaGà Milano Hello Kitty watch was produced in collaboration with Japanese company Sanrio in 2019 to celebrate the Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary.

All About Gaga Milano Watches

Every GaGà Milano watch is a meeting point of several design principles. The basic design remains that of a pocket watch with a large crown positioned at 12 o’ clock. Depending upon the characteristics of each model, GaGà Milano applies art-crafts like skeletonising, engraving, enamelling or diamond-setting. The unique shape of lugs reminds us about the classic wristwatches of the bygone era whereas oversized numerals and vibrant colors represent modern trends. The gaga milano price range starts at US$ 600 for quartz models and US$ 2000 for mechanical models.

Each timepiece is a result of mixing creative interpretations of shapes with highly technological innovation. The GaGà Milano timepieces represent precisely a fruitful union of best talents from two glorious countries: Italy and Switzerland. The watches naturally reflect creativeness of Italian design and technical know-how of Swiss watchmaking.

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