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Tudor Watches

History of Tudor

Tudor, founded in 1926, was formerly an entry-level brand introduced by the founder of Rolex, but now the two brands have grown apart. In the beginning, a massive number of Tudor watches were produced with Rolex fittings with different dials; they were made to be the more affordable and accessible version of the Rolex counterparts. This explains the presence of the Rolex logo on most of the vintage Tudor watches.

Another interesting fact about this brand is that certain Tudor watches were specifically created for navies and military use. Even today, Tudor has some of the best and most reliable dive watches that are made waterproof and there is a completely separate range introduced by Tudor that goes by the name, Heritage Black Bay range.

The Current Stance and Prices of Tudor

Tudor is one of those watch brands taking over the world, and, to some extent, it is doing better than Rolex. If you study all the ranges and collections by Tudor, you will see that Tudor has been focusing on producing watches that use the latest technology to cope with the changing trends and requirements of their customers. This explains why Tudor is doing so well right now and its reputation in the market is growing strong with each passing day. It is not just the technology that is keeping this brand strong, in fact, the designs and the newest styles that look extremely classy and extraordinary, all of it is adding more and more value to the brand.

The brand was re-launched in the year 2009 and some of the most famous, new product collections were added. The first watch released after the re-launch was Tudor Grantour Chronograph, and that watch caught the attention of thousands of people. Since then, Tudor is growing everyday (technology-wise) and its users are growing in number too.

Some of the Best Tudor Watches to Try

If you are looking for the best and the classiest watches of Tudor watches, please scroll down and check these watches of our pick.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay watch is one of the greatest hits by Tudor and it makes sense because this watch is the perfect mix of contemporary and vintage. The Tudor Black Bay used to be a diving watch and it has been around for more than 60 years, but in 2006, it was modified and mechanical movement was introduced in it that too by Tudor. As far as the price is concerned, it’s half the price of the Rolex Submarine watch so yes, you can count it as an affordable watch. As per its popularity and current situation, the value of Black Bay will increase with time so you better invest in it right now.

Tudor Pelagos

This is the most amazing, brand new watch by Tudor with a design that’s absolutely worth your money. The snowflake hands of this watch are something you will fall in love with because this is the most noticeable feature of the Pelagos. This watch is a little more robust than the ones introduced by Tudor earlier and it looks a little sporty so if that’s what you are looking for, you need to try the Tudor Pelagos watch.

Tudor North Flag

The watch that goes perfectly with the slogan of the brand “Born to Dare”, the Tudor North Flag is a great watch to invest because this is the watch of a true adventurer. In other words, this piece is completely sporty and it comes with a very unique design that you’ve never seen before. The sharp yet elegant lines, the overall robust feel, it all makes this watch a one famous piece by Tudor that will stand the test of time for sure.

Tudor GMT

The Tudor GMT is another masterpiece that belongs to the Black Bay line. Just like what you’d expect from a Black Bay Tudor watch, this one comes with a snowflake handle, a big crown and a matte dial. What makes this watch the best is that it’s quite elegant and you’ll love how classy it feels to wear it out.


Now that you know everything about the rich history of Tudor watches and the best ones available in the market, it’s high time that you invest in any one of them and see what difference a Tudor watch can make. No matter if it is the Tudor GMT or the Tudor Heritage, it will surely be an amazing experience and you would love to invest your hard earned money on these watches because they truly deserve it.

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