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Rado Watches

Rado History

Riding on its triumphs of the last decade, the brand launched "the world's first scratch-proof watch", the Rado DiaStar 1, in 1962. And with this they introduced the industry to hardmetal and sapphire crystal. The innovation path launched the first gold-colored DiaStar in 1972 and Rado Dia 67 in 1976 featuring a metalized sapphire crystal case construction. Then in 1986 it introduced the Rado Integral with scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic bracelet.

The 1990s saw Rado introduce an integrated watch case and bracelet made of sapphire crystal and high-tech ceramic. In 1993 they launched the Rado Sintra which was made of cermet, a titanium-based ceramic combined with metal. In 1998, Ceramica was launched featuring plasma high-tech ceramic.

The brand has been synonymous with Tennis since it started sponsoring international tennis events around the world 20 years ago. It started this affair inspired by the spirit of challenge and determination. As recent as in 2019, Rado acted as the Official Timekeeper of 12 international tennis tournaments. It was present with its signature corner clocks on clay, grass and hard courts.

Why Rado?

Widely known for its pioneering design and innovations, Rado watches for men have won numerous design awards world wide. It also collaborates time and again with leading designers to create new timepieces. Its biggest feats include the Rado Star Prize competitions, run worldwide for up-and-coming designers and Rado YoungStar Programme, it's latest tennis initiative.

Rado watches transcend the test of time. They exude elegance and determination. Committed to the idea of modernization, the brand keeps with the latest technological advancements and tries to translate that into its own pieces. For ambassadors, the brand has some of the most famous actors, athletes and A-listers who swear by Rado's unlimited spirit and raw elegance. Hrithik Roshan, Ok Taec-yeon, Tang Wei, Lisa Ray and Yulia Peresild are amongst such celebrities who act as the brand's most loyal endorsers. Australian Tennis star Ashleigh Barty is a recent addition to Rado's line-up of young athletes.

Popular Rado Watch Collections

Rado Captain Cook, 1962

So named in the honor of the 18th century explorer Captain James Cook, this collection is still a favorite amongst watch lovers and aficionados. Launched in 1962, it was intended for actual water divers. Today's recreated designs are an homage to the original collection inspired by adventure, exploration, and diving. Some crowd favorites from this collection include the Captain Cook Bronze, the Captain Cook Blue Dial and the Captain Cook Green Dial. The beautiful ceramic bezel, the rich colorful dial, comfortable wear and a complete Automatic Swiss ETA movement giving it an 80-hour power reserve make it an elegant and classic timepiece.

Rado True Square, 2020

The True Square collection, launched in February 2020, is made using Rado high-tech ceramic in black, white and plasma. The watch has a square monobloc case made using the pioneering injection molding technology. It is light, comfortable and smooth. The men's watches in the collection are 38mm while the women's watches are 29mm in width. It features a full high-tech ceramic case with flat sapphire crystal and ETA C07 movement that gives it an 80-hour power reserve. It is an iconic piece designed for the generations.

Rado Golden Horse, 1957

Using modern design features paired with a vintage base, the present models in this collection represent the brand's rich past and the glorious present. The collection, first launched in 1957, was the first collection launched under the brand name Rado. It was a groundbreaking success for the brand and solidified its foothold in the watchmaking industry. The new watches in this collection are 42-mm as opposed to 37-mm watches earlier. The dial's features oinclude a silhouette image of a pair of seahorses from which the watch takes its name and an anchor logo above the brand name at 12 o'clock.

Rado HyperChrome, 2012

Rado defines their signature, high-tech ceramic HyperChrome timepieces as "the jewel in the crown of the collection." It's monobloc case is crafted from a single sleek piece of injected ceramic. It is comfortable and extremely durable. The HyperChrome collection for the ladies is embellished with diamonds in the bezel, the dial and even in the side inserts. The dynamic, attractive, sporty chronological pieces are designed to look good on every occasion while delivering all the functions you could want.

Rado Diamaster Ceramos, 2018

Introduced in 2018, the Rado Diamaster Ceramos collection is bright, impressive, and expertly made. The watch has a minimal, clean design with both the case and the pared-down movement giving the watch a streamlined look. Instead of the signature ceramic material used to manufacture DiaMaster, this collection uses the revolutionary, trademarked Rado material Ceramos. A mix of 90% high-tech ceramic and 10% metal alloy, sintered under high pressure in precision mold to achieve its final hardness. Banking on its knowledge of high-tech materials, Rado has created a steel and a rose gold color. The color sheen is part of the material so it doesn't fade and lose its shine.

All About Rado Watches

Rado has always been at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the watchmaking industry. It is one of the oldest and one of the most widely loved luxury watch brands in the entire world. It's dedication to technologically advanced yet artfully crafted timepieces result in the most beautiful watches. The brand's rich heritage has continually introduced the unexpected into Swiss watchmaking. There's a reason watch enthusiasts can't stop gushing over the brand.

The brand is known for its exceptional quality and diverse catalog. All Rado luxury watches, across collections, are unique in their own way and have a story of their own. Their focus on design and innovation gives them an edge over their competitors. From high-tech materials to high-tech diamonds, Rado has mastered the art of it all. Experience the comfort and grandeur of a Rado watch today. Get yourself a masterfully crafted timepiece that will stand the test of time.

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