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Nomos Glashuette Watches

Foundation of Nomos Glashütte

Founded 30 years ago, Nomos established its headquarters in Glashütte, Germany that is known to be one of the most important cities in watchmaking history. Here, Roland Schwertner introduced watches to the world that described functional, simple, and understated design. Nomos watches showcased the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The brand is known for its most inventive and finest watchmaking technique in the world.

Since its launch till early 2005, Nomos watches had Peseux Ebauche or Swiss ETA movements. These were based on the Peseux 7001 but some finishing was done in the company’s original style like barrel wheels and solar grind on the crown. Most of the parts like calibres, bluing screws, milling plates, bridges, wheels, and bevelling edges of Nomos watches are made by hand. This makes each and every watch special and unique in its own way.

In 2013, Nomos added its series of Golden Haute Horlogerie watches in its name. These watches in rose gold and white colour are since then counted as one of the best creations of the brand. Nomos Glashütte produces only two or three of these watches in a week.

In 2014, the Swing System was introduced by Nomos. According to the General Manager of the company, this achievement was equivalent to the feeling of landing on the moon. Together with the support of Dresden’s Technical University, Nomos Glashütte decided to develop its own escapement. This made them truly independent and unique from rest of the watchmaking world. Escapements are the fine components of a watch that help it tick tock with precision.

Nomos Glashütte Success Story

Nomos CEO, Uwe Ahrendt believes that the secret of success for his company is the high-quality, slender design, and mechanical excellence of the watches. Every watch is made in Glashütte and designed in Berlin, Germany. The reason for two different locations is that Nomos Glashütte believes in talent rather than comfort. This brand has received over 120 awards for its unique value for design and innovation. For Nomos, design is beauty rather than a fashion statement. The German watches are not known for their celebrity endorsement. This is because the company focuses on customer satisfaction rather than flashy marketing campaigns.

Value of Nomos Glashütte

One of the finest and most appreciated German watch brands, Nomos has introduced a number of collections over 30 years. Some of the collections have made their mark more than the others. But every watch is special in its own way.

- Nomos Tangente watches have always been one of the bestsellers for the last 25 years. The watches from this collection are expensive when compared to the same kind of timepieces launched by other brands but this brand speaks investment more than any other.

- Nomos Glashütte Lambda comes in rose gold and white gold colors, each with its own retail value. Both of these watches are luxurious and have a high-end value. Their advanced features and brilliant look justify the cost.

Nomos Glashütte Watches

Nomos Tangente

This collection of German watches has set the trend with its straightforward design. It has a classic round design and multiple right angles that have made this collection a bestseller for as long as 25 years. There are 22 Nomos Tangente watches in the retailer market today, each of which can be counted as a classic choice for collectors.

Nomos Lux

Latin for “light, shine, and clarity”, these watches exude just that. Nomos Lux watches are one of the finest productions of this German company. It is a quintessence of Nomos tradition and still elegantly modern. The watches are the true tribute to beauty. In this collection, only 5 watches are designed – white gold, white gold light, zikade, zobel, and hermelin; each with a tonneau dial.

Nomos Ludwig

Nomos Glashütte introduced this traditional watch collection keeping in mind high-end mechanics. The watches in this collection are designed to showcase sophistication on wrists. This collection showcases 16 beautiful watches but each one of them has one thing in common, class.

Nomos Metro

When talked about precision and finesse, one name comes to mind, Nomos Metro. This collection of watches is ahead of time and has a contemporary flair. The first Metro watch to be introduced not only won a million hearts but also all the design prizes in a short span of time along with its designer Mark Braun. Although limited to 13 designs, the Metro Neomatik and 38 Date timepieces are perfect collection items.

Nomos Orion

A dress companion, this watch collection is simply breathtaking. Orion watches have given a new definition to fine art. Every timepiece is restrained, refined, and here to stay. 27 watches have been designed under this collection, like Neomatik, 38 Date, 1989, and 33.

Nomos Ahio

Many people may think that Nomos is not into sports. They could not be more wrong. Nomos Glashütte Ahio watch collection has made a splash with its range of beautiful and robust watches that keep the owner company under water. Ahio watches are designed with a classic look for delicate wrists. Some of the best-selling watches from this collection are Neomatik, date, and Datum.

Nomos Zürich

This collection showcases watches of the world. Its masculine, refined, and confident creation is combined with complex mechanics. Handcrafted by Nomos, the watches have automatic calibres at the heart and come in the world time version as well.

Nomos Glashütte for You

Started from a small town (Glashütte), Nomos has gained its reputation all over the world. This watchmaking company has given its customers something to remember for life. From the hand-wound movements to calibres, everything has been produced by the brand itself. Nomos Glashütte is entirely self-sufficient and always proved its worth in the watchmaking industry.

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