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Sevenfriday Watches

Sevenfriday Watches

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History of Sevenfriday Watches

SEVENFRIDAY was co-founded by Dan Niederer and Arnaud Duval in 2012. The founders’ aim was to create a distinct watch brand with an alternative viewpoint. They also decided to not to go after the old-school principles of other Swiss origin brands. The restrictive rules and regulations associated with the traditional Swiss Made label often result in exorbitant prices of the products.

The conventional watch manufacturing methods also hurt creative freedom. Therefore, the company followed an alternative method to produce their wristwatches: Design the watches in Switzerland and produce them in Far East, where production costs are lower. In this way, the brand creates high-quality yet affordable mechanical watches.

In 2012, SEVENFRIDAY launched its debut collection, P Series. In the subsequent years, the brand added new ranges: M, Q, S, T, V and W.

The company often enhances each series by adding new and distinct variants. Thanks to its unique business approach and the distinctively designed watches, Sevenfriday has grown tremendously to a cult brand, with a large number of enthusiastic followers all over the world.

Sevenfriday Watch Collection

Presently, SEVENFRIDAY offers a comprehensive range of Swiss designed wristwatches under its M, P, Q, S, T, V and W series.

Featuring original designs, all SEVENFRIDAY timepieces typically incorporate with two key segments: Box (case) and Interface. The box includes case, animation ring/bezel and protective glass. The interface includes hands, discs, dial and movement. 

The multi-layer interface design is a characteristic attribute of all seven friday watches. Featuring prominently a complex yet streamlined layout, it is also the centre stage of the watch for highlighting various design inspirations. Depends upon the model, number of the layers can be four, five, six or seven. The Interface displays time with analogue hands or discs, or combing the both. Some models offer the view of the mechanical movement from the front side.

The SEVENFRIDAY watches are typically made of stainless steel, with PVD coating on some versions. Each timepiece is topped with a hardened mineral crystal glass. Typical water resistance is 30 atm (30 meters). The mechanical self-winding movements equipping all the brand’s watches are from Japanese manufactures. 

For example, all the wristwatches from P, V, S and W ranges feature Miyota 82S7 automatic calibre. The brand has selected the Miyota 8215 automatic movement for equipping its M Series, Miyota 8219 for Q Series and Automatic skeleton TMI (Seiko) NH70 calibre for T Series.

All SEVENFRIDAY watches that produced since 2015 feature NFC chips on their stainless steel case-backs. This chip allows the owner to authenticate and verify his or her timepiece via the SEVENFRIDAY Android App and authorized retailers.

P Series

Introduced in 2012, P Series is the debut collection of the brand. Each model from this collection follows its own design inspiration. For example, its models P1, P2 and P3 were respectively inspired from industrial essence, revolution and engines. The P1/3, P1/4 and P1/5 versions were inspired by the Kuka Robots. The models like P3B/03 and P3B/06 blend motorsports and industrial designs while P3B/01 Racer takes inspiration from motor cycle engines. The collection also includes a number of other variants, with each of them highlighting their distinct design inspirations. 

P Series watch models spotlight a vintage TV inspired, rounded-square case with 47mm diameter and lug less design. Made from stainless steel, the case features various colors/shades depend on the variant. P Series watches also feature an animation ring around the case. Topped with a hardened mineral crystal glass, its interface hosts hour and minute hands, a 24-hour disc and a running seconds disc.

M Series

Released in 2014, M Series is the second collection from SEVENFRIDAY. Its first models were M1 and M2. M1 was inspired by turbines and M2 from analogue measuring meters. Likewise, the subsequent versions of this series take their own design inspirations, like M2/02 (copper pipes), M3/01 Spaceship (aerodynamic wing of spaceships) and M1B/01 Urban Explorer (markings and stamping patterns). 

All timepieces from this collection share the identical materials, design and dimensions of P Series. M Series watches display hour, minute and seconds with rotating discs. One exception is M1B/01 Urban Explorer, which has a linear seconds indicator.

V Series

Introduced in 2015, V Series watches feature a different case design in comparison with P & M series of timepieces. This collection highlights a distinctive round with squared edge case design, inspired by the industrial barrels. The interface is inspired by speedometers and barometers. Equipped with a metal hour-ring, minute hands and a seconds disc, it uses an ‘additioner principle’ to calculate the time. The dial also displays the ‘day and night’ indication. It is the first watch collection from SEVENFRIDAY to feature the Fast Strap Changer (FSC) and the NFC chip. Its stainless steel case measures 44.3mm x 53.2mm (including crown). V Series watches feature vertical brushed bezel and hardened domed mineral glass.

Q Series

Introduced in 2016, SEVENFRIDAY Q Series highlights the similar characteristics of V Series. Its distinctively shaped stainless steel case is topped with a brushed bezel and mineral crystal glass. Regarding the interface design, each model follows its own inspirational source: the soundboards and audio apparatus for Q1/01 model, the engine order telegraph of steamboats for Q2/02 and the precision equipment used in motor racing for Q3/05. The Q Series watches feature a date display, hands for hour and minute indication and a C-shape inner track and rotating disc for seconds.

S Series

This collection was introduced in 2017. The S Series utilizes the same case design of P and M Series watches. Its stainless steel case is fitted with bezel, animation ring and mineral crystal glass. These watches display hours and minutes with hands. The seconds are displayed with a C-shaped track along with an indicator featuring three arrows. 

Each edition has its own inspiration. Fitted with a translucent nylon (a recyclable plastic) animation ring, the S1/01 model takes inspiration from the recycling technology used in the industry. The S2/01 model pays tribute to vintage brass valves with its Sandblasted antique brass PVD animation ring. The S3/01 is inspired by the engine mounts, and features a black EPDM animation ring with a crown protector.

T Series

Introduced in 2019, the SEVENFRIDAY T Series shares the same case silhouette of P, M & S series, but with slightly reduced dimensions. It is smaller, thinner and lighter than other watch series from the brand. The watches from T Series typically feature a two-part case (bezel and case) without the screwed caseback and animation ring. The skeleton movement is visible through the transparent dial made with genuine sunglass lens. The graphic design on the dial is inspired by the blueprints from the industrial technical department. Depends upon the version, the case and bezel are available in Steel, Black PVD or Gun Metal PVD finishing.

W Series

Introduced in 2019, the W Series takes inspiration from industrial saw blade. It shares the same case design of V & Q Series watches. This seven friday watch features stainless steel case with sunray brushed bezel, hardened mineral crystal glass and screwed case-back. It also incorporates Fast Strap Changer (FSC) for quick changing of straps. The five layer interface features 3 rotating discs for displaying the hour, seconds and Night & Day. It also features a large centre hand for tracking minutes.

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The SEVENFRIDAY watches are recognized for their revolutionary designs and Swiss innovation. Their designs are indigenous and pioneering. Made by renowned Japanese manufacturers, the self-winding mechanical movements incorporated inside the watches are tried and tested for precision and reliability. With their distinct approach in the manufacturing, the Zurich based brand has succeeded to maintain a cost-effective price tag of their amazing mechanical luxury watches. Moreover, with the NFC technology, the company protects its genuine costumers from counterfeiting.

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