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History of SINN

In 1961, Helmut Sinn, a former World War II pilot and instructor for blind flight, founded Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren in Frankfurt am Main for manufacturing navigation clocks and pilot chronographs. In 1985, the German physicist and astronaut Reinhard Furrer wore a Sinn wrist watch during the D-1 Spacelab mission. In 1994, Lothar Schmidt acquired the company and retitled it to “Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH.”

Sinn has been renowned for its enduring quest for innovation. Many of the innovations were introduced under the outstanding leadership of Lothar Schmidt. In 1994, the brand developed a titanium watch with Magnetic Field Protection and a freely oscillating suspended movement. In 1995, the first watch with Ar-Dehumidifying Technology was introduced. This notable innovation protects the timepiece from fogging and improves functional reliability.

In 1996, the first sinn watch with HYDRO Technology was introduced. Applicable only for quartz diving watches, this technology need to immerse the movement, dial and hands with special oil. It ensures excellent pressure resistance and protects the timepiece from fogging.

This innovation also improves visibility of the dial so that it can be read at any angle under water. Along with Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, this special oil also improves the temperature resistance of the timepiece. The brand unveiled its first Mission timer (EZM1) in 1997. After a couple of years, Sinn brought in the famous Frankfurter Financial District Watch.

In 2004, Sinn introduced DIAPAL Technology, which ensures the lubricant-free operation of the Swiss lever escapement. The brand introduced TEGIMENT technology in 2003 and Black Hard Coating in 2006.

In 2005, the company began manufacturing diving watches with German submarine steel. These dive watches have been certificated by Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg (now DNV GL). In 2008, the brand introduced Captive Safety Diver´s Bezel, which incorporates a patented mechanism for ensuring additional protection against accidental misalignment of the unidirectional bezel.

In 2010, Sinn introduced its first Damascus steel watch. In 2011, the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary. In 2012, the company introduced new pilot wristwatches certified by TESTAF, the first technical standard for pilot watches. Based on this new benchmark, the German Institute for Standardization formulated DIN 8330 standard for pilot watches. On 1st September 2017, the company opened its current headquarters in Frankfurt Sossenheim.

Sinn Watch Collections

Instrument Chronographs

This comprehensive collection harks back to the origins of the company as a manufacture of aviation watches and instrument panel chronometers. The line offers various chronograph models, suitable for pilots and astronauts, motor-racing, travel and adventurous activities. Depending upon the model, these chronographs incorporate additional utilities like day and date, slide rule function or second time zone.

For example, the 903 series chronograph features interior bezel with logarithmic scale and slide rule function, which is useful for calculating fuel consumption, speed, distance and time. The 910 range is equipped with the split-second chronograph as well as a double scale for measuring units per hour.

The 103 series feature day/date indication and an outer rotating count-down bezel. The models like the 756 Duochronograph and the 900 Large Pilot Chronograph feature second time-zone function. The 356 models have additional day and date display.

Some instrument chronographs can be identified by the unusual positioning of the crown and pushers. The 917 Rallye Chronograph model has its crown and pushers at the left side of the case. The R500 model has a distinct bull-head chronograph style.Other notable instrument chronograph families are 140 (space chronograph), 144 (chronograph with inner tachymeter scale) and 358 (chronograph with the date).

Instrument Watches

Offering exceptional tool watches, this extensive collection takes inspiration from Sinn’s cockpit clocks. It offers professional-grade watches with time only and with additional functions like date, day and date, or second time zone. Some models feature count-down bezels where as dual-time zone versions are typically fitted with a 24H UTC bezel.

This line also offers watches featuring left-side crown. Notable instrument watch ranges are 104,105, 240, 556, 836, 856 and 857. The collection also includes mission timers like EZM 3F, EZM 7, EZM 9 TESTAF and EZM 12. Made from durable materials like stainless steel or titanium, Instrument watches boast exceptional water resistance starting from 100 meters.

Diving Watches

Sinn produces specialized diving instruments capable of handling intense deep ocean conditions. Its dive watch collection is comprised of various models rated for water resistances typically ranging from 300 to 5,000 meters. These professional-grade timekeeper feature extremely durable cases made with stainless steel, titanium or German submarine steel. Sinn’s dive watches have been tested based on European diving equipment standards and certified by DNV GL.

Since 2005, the brand has been using German Submarine Steel for manufacturing diving watches. All timepieces from the Sinn U series are made of this high-strength seawater-resistant steel. This dive watch family derives its name from the designation of German submarines (U boats) made since the 1930s. The notable models are U1, U2, U50 and UX. Some these diving watches are the official timepieces worn by the maritime squad of the GSG 9 Special Forces unit.

Sinn also creates diving watches using 316L stainless steel (models 206, EZM 3, EZM 13, etc.) and titanium (T1). The Sinn diving watch collection offers several models based on their water-resistance. The EZM 3, EZM 13 & U50 models have 500 meters water resistance. Both U1 and T1 models are 1,000 meters water resistant. U2 has 2,000 meters water resistance, and UX is 5,000 meters water resistant. Some variants feature crown and pushers at the left side case. The diving chronographs like 206 ARKTIS II and 206 St Ar have 300 meters water resistance. Several Sinn diving watches are available with TEGIMENT technology and Black Hard Coating.

Frankfurter Financial District Watches

Introduced in 1999, this impressive collection pays tribute to the city of Frankfurt, the home of Sinn Spezialuhren. The city is a global financial centre. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world's 10th largest stock exchange by market capitalization. The Frankfurter Financial District collection offers wristwatches featuring dual-time or world-time functions representing the city’s international business activities. Some of these german watches are equipped with additional chronograph function. This series offers stainless steel, 18 carat rose gold and platinum watches.

Classic Watches

This collection offers elegant dress watches incorporating classic and refined designs. Notable models from the Sinn classic family are 1736, 1746, 1739, 1739 Heimat, 6110 and 6200. The series includes stainless steel and gold watches. Most of these timepieces boast a centre two-hand lay out. The 6110 and 6200 models feature additional small seconds dial.

Ladies’ Watches

Sinn also has an impressive collection of ladies’ wristwatches under 243,434 and 456 families. The collection includes both automatic and quartz watches. The 243 range includes rectangular wristwatches featuring titanium case, including variants fitted with ceramic bezel or diamond set white gold bezel.

The 434 and 456 collections offer round-case stainless watches respectively featuring 34mm and 28mm diameters. Both collections offer variants fitted with yellow gold bezel or diamond-set gold bezel. The ladies watches are also available with mother-of-pearl dials. All timepieces from the Sinn Ladies’ collection have impressive water resistances, ranging from 100 to 200 meters.

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Proudly reflecting the highest standards of Made in Germany hallmark, Sinn offers superior quality tool watches and chronographs. The brand’s proprietary technologies make these precision instruments more rugged and durable, so that they can efficiently handle any extreme conditions. One of the most admired german watch brands, Sinn has been known as the maker of mission timers for special police forces.

Since the mid 1980s, their 140 series space chronographs have been assisting several astronauts in their outer-space missions. Sinn was the first brand to introduce Ar-Dehumidifying, HYDRO and Captive Bezel Technologies for diving timepieces. The specialized variants featuring DIAPAL and Black Hard Coating are extremely scratch-resistant.

Sinn's timepieces offer excellent readability and optimum precision, the two necessary features for mission timers, diving instruments and pilot watches. Some of the brand’s tool watches can withstand magnetic interferences up to 80,000 A/m (1,000 gauss). The special Sinn oil allows some of the brand's wristwatch models to deliver optimum chronometric performance in extreme temperature conditions, ranging from –45°C to +80°C.

Sinn has been known for their ability to create the most extreme dive watches. The models like UX are rated for pressure-resistance up to 5,000 meters. Even their dress watches have excellent water resistances of 100 meters and above.

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