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Omega Watches

Omega Watches

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Omega Heritage: Innovative Watchmaking Inspired by Life

Inspired by sports, space, heritage, cinema, and social life, Omega began its journey in 1848 and still continues to make its mark in the watchmaking industry. It was founded by Louis Brandt at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, where watch components were assembled and finished. In 1880, the location was shifted to the city of Bienne for better communications, energy, and manpower. The year 1885 witnessed the production of Omega’s pocket watches with series-produced calibres that had an accuracy of 30 seconds a day.

In a short span of time, this company went on to become Switzerland’s largest watch producer. The Omega calibre came into notice during its production in 1894. The main reason for increased sales was simplicity and the ease with which the parts could be interchanged. In 1903, the name Omega was introduced for the company and it was decided as the standard name for every watch from thereon.

Over the years, Omega gained immense popularity. In 1917, the British Royal Flying Corps used the Omega watches for their combat units. The American Army did the same in 1918. Omega also became the first official timekeeper for Los Angeles Games.

In 1936, Omega brand achieved the world record for accuracy that was granted by Kew-Teddington, the English observatory. It also received the Olympic Cross of Merit for its exceptional service to the sports world in 1952.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional became the first watch to be worn on the moon by Buzz Aldrin. This watch landed on the moon in July 1969 after which the Omega Speedmaster witnessed multiple events to showcase human courage and physical endurance. To make the mission successful after 50 years, this company launched the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 Limited Edition and Anniversary Moonshine. Omega celebrated its 50th anniversary of moon landing with Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke, and George Clooney.

Omega has never backed down from celebrating the success of the film stars and spies. Throughout the time, Omega has proved its commitment and value for excellence through some of the screen stars.

- George Clooney has often talked about his space exploration passion and the success story of Omega Speedmaster that went on the moon mission. Omega watches have been in the Clooney tradition for a long time. His watch choices include Omega Speedmaster ’57, Aqua Terra 150M, Tresor, and Hour Vision.

- Nicole Kidman has often flaunted her love for the Omega watches with the red carpet events. She is often spotted wearing the vintage Omega watches for women. Her choices have been Omega Ladymatic and Prestige.

- Daniel Craig is a name that cannot be forgotten for his 007 roles. He has been witnessed wearing Omega watches in his spy movies. He is a watch collector and his passion is shown in Through Their Eyes, Omega movie about the Orbis International and Flying Eye hospital. His choices are Omega Seamaster 300, Hour Vision, and Aqua Terra.

- Omega watches have also come under the spotlight in major sports like golf, swimming, athletics, and sailing. The brand has also contributed towards helping pilots around the world, supporting world’s fight against eye diseases, and planet documentaries.

Omega Watches: Luxury for Life

Omega is one of the luxurious watch brands of all times and is known to produce some of the finest timepieces. It is generally believed that Swiss-made watches are higher in value compared to those produced elsewhere. Since Omega is a Swiss watchmaking brand, low prices cannot be expected. When it comes to the craftmanship, buyers are ready to pay the premium price for the watches with a long and horological history. Another reason why watch collectors and enthusiasts are ready to pay the asking price for Omega is that Omega watches have travelled space, cinema, and sports.

Prominent Omega Collections and their Success Stories

Omega Seamaster

The first watch in this series was the Omega Marine, produced in 1932. After that, the official Omega Seamaster was introduced in 1948. The watch rose to fame after a North American submariner claimed that this timepiece was able to withstand extreme conditions at a depth of 45m. The watch only guaranteed 30m water-resistance before that. In 1957, Omega Speedmaster was launched. This watch has been known for precision, robustness, and readability since then.

Omega Constellation

Omega watches for women have been created for sophistication and elegance. Constellation watches were introduced in 1982 and since then have been a symbol of beauty and precision. These timepieces are presented with modern technology and design. Over a period of time, the collection has undergone a few changes but its precision and elegance are intact. Every watch has a slender design, bevelled edges, and exquisite dial colours. The Omega Constellation Quartz models are one of the best designs till date.

Omega Globemaster

Created in the brand’s true spirit, this collection housed one of the most advanced movements without disrupting its original performance and precision. The collection was launched in 2015. It was tested and approved to become the world’s first Master Chronometer. The design of these watches had a distinctive look that would stay true to the generations that come. A range of Omega Globemaster Co-Axial Master were introduced, each with a look that can quickly come under the spotlight.


Some of the prestigious timepieces by Omega are: De Ville, Tourbillion, Ladymatic, Moonwatch, and Diver.


Omega watches have built a legacy of their own. Every collection is notable and recognised for its contribution to the world. Today, Omega is one of the most known watch brands worldwide. People who have invested in Omega watches would never be disappointed. With inspiring designs, innovation, technology, and precision, Omega watches are here to stay.

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