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Citizen Watches

Citizen Watches

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Origins of Citizen

CITIZEN’s incredible watch making voyage began modestly in 1918 with the establishment of Shokosha Watch Research Institute in Tokyo. It typically belonged to the first generation of Japanese watch making companies like Hattori (now Seiko) and Tenshodo.

In 1924, Shokosha Watch Research Institute introduced a pocket watch named CITIZEN. In 1930, Rodolphe Schmid, a Swiss businessman settled in Japan in local partnership with some Japanese employees of the Shokosha Company, incorporated CITIZEN Watch Co. Limited. As a befitting tribute to their first pocket watch, the founders named their newly established company as CITIZEN. With the in short span of time, this new firm turned into one of the largest Japanese watch making companies.

Innovations of Citizen

Since its establishment in 1918, CITIZEN has been widely recognized as a leading innovator of several world-firsts in the history of precision timekeeping. It is the first brand in the world to introduce analog light-powered watch (1976), multi-band analog radio-controlled watch (1993), satellite system analog watch (2011) and many other innovations. In 2018, CITIZEN announced the introduction of Caliber 0100, world’s most precise light-powered movement.

In the same time, CITIZEN continued to develop modern materials. In 1970, the company introduced X-8 Chronometer, the world’s first titanium watch. CITIZEN employs an in-house developed material known as "Super Titanium ™, which is lighter, stronger and more skin friendly than regular Titanium. The "Duratect" surface hardening process improves the material’s resistance to scratches and corrosion. The brand’s other innovations include: first Japanese-made watch featuring a shock-proof mechanism, first fully waterproof Japanese-made watch and first Japanese-made tuning fork electronic watch.

As a corporate behemoth, Citizen Group has been ranked among top ten watch making conglomerates in the world. Citizen group’s primary business is watch-making that includes wrist-watches, movements and system clocks. Apart from its flagship brand CITIZEN, it is a majority share holder of Swiss brands like Arnold & Son, Angelus, Frederique Constant and Alpina. The group also owns the iconic American watch company Bulova. The leading watch movement manufacture Miyota also comes under the Citizen Group of companies.

Introduced in 1976, citizen watches eco drive is the brand’s proprietary technology, which converts any source of light into electrical energy to keep watches running. This environment-friendly feature eliminates the need to replace batteries. Soon, the Citizen solar watch became popular around the world as an energy efficient timing instrument. In 1996, CITIZEN received the acclaimed Eco Mark certification for its Solar-powered Eco-Drive timepiece for the first time in the watch industry. While this light-powered technology provides enormous power reserve to Eco-Drive timepieces, the company employs some cutting-edge technologies to enhance their accuracy.

In 1993, CITIZEN launched world’s first multi-band analog radio-controlled watch. These high-precision timepieces are capable of adjusting to the most accurate time by synchronizing with the continuous signals transmitted by a radio transmitter. This specific technology has been evolved since then and the company has also equipped their Radio-controlled watches with the groundbreaking Eco-Drive technology. Some of their new generation Radio-controlled models are synchronized with the signals generated by a precise Atomic clock, which is accurate to 1 second over 20 million years!

The further step taken by CITIZEN for ensuring utmost accuracy of watches is the SATELLITE WAVE technology. In 2011, the brand introduced world's first light-powered, satellite synchronised watch. This innovative wristwatch synchronises its precise time with the continuous reference signals transmitted by Satellite GPS Timekeeping System. A breakthrough achieved by this novel technology is the enhanced ability of the specific watches to receive time-signals anywhere around the globe without any interruption. Citizen’s SATELLITE WAVE watches also incorporate Eco-Drive technology for ensuring extended power reserve.

Citizen Watch Collections

The brand’s flagship lines include The CITIZEN, Eco-Drive One, PROMASTER, CITIZEN L, ATESSA, EXCEED, XC, Kii, CITIZEN Collection and CITIZEN Bluetooth collection.

The CITIZEN line offers classically styled, elegant wristwatches equipped with high-precision movements with or without Eco-Drive technology. The most advanced watch in this series is Caliber 0100. Introduced in 2018, it is the world’s most precise light-powered watch, with timekeeping accuracy of ±1 second per year.

Introduced in 2016 to mark the 40th anniversary of the first Citizen solar watch, Eco-Drive One is an exclusive collection that offers the world's thinnest light-powered watches. Made with innovative materials to ensure a ultrathin profile and sturdy construction, this watch measures just 2.98 mm thick and its Eco-Drive movement has a thickness of a mere 1 mm.

Introduced in 1989, PROMASTER is the most masculine collection of Citizen Watches for men. It offers three categories of timepieces: Land, Sea and Sky. All timepieces from this collection are capable of handling extreme conditions of their assigned areas of action. This collection offers rugged and precise time-instruments suitable for sports, motor-racing, nautical, professional and adventurous activities. It includes diving watches, citizen chronograph and various multi-function watches equipped with functions like world-time, perpetual calendar, slide rule, altimeter and many other useful features. CITIZEN PROMASTER offers some incredible professional watches like the world’s first light powered diver’s watch equipped for 1,000-meter saturation diving.

CITIZEN EXCEED is a comprehensive collection of sophisticated dress watches for both men and women. Fused with innovative Eco-Drive technology and typically made from innovative materials like Super Titanium ™, these timepieces are being offered with Satellite Wave GPS or Radio-Controlled time synchronization features. The collection also offers Eco-Drive watches without Satellite wave GPS or Radio-Controlled functions. Incorporating almost similar specifications and materials used with EXCEED watches, CITIZEN ATESSA models are typically considered as business-wear timepieces imbued with urbane and sportier design features.

CITIZEN L collection offers Eco-drive watches created especially for modern women who keenly enjoy wearing stylistic wrist accessories. Typically made from stainless steel, these jewellery-like wrist watches are available in different case shapes highlighting traditional artistic-work, eye-catching dials and gem-setting. XC and Kii are the two other exclusive ladies’ watch collections from the brand.

The company also offers an extensive range designated CITIZEN Collection typically comprising of stainless steel watches. This collection offers classic mechanical automatic watches for both men and women, Eco-Drive watches for men, Eco-Drive Pair watches, pocket watches, Ana-digi watches, limited editions and a number of Eco-Drive collaborative collections.

The brand also produces smart-watches. The CITIZEN Bluetooth collection offers smart-watches under three distinctive categories: Eco-Drive Riiiver, Eco-Drive Bluetooth and CITIZEN Connected.

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