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Bell & Ross Watches

Bell & Ross Watches

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All About Bell & Ross Watches

All about Bell & Ross

Bell and Ross is a French company that was founded in the year 1992 as a university project by two friends. Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo were two French students and lifelong friends who came up with the idea of company. They both had a similar vision to produce timepieces that functioned accurately and looked aesthetic. They had two things in mind for the production of timepieces. One was to make watches that could withstand the extreme professional conditions. The second one was to create them with fine Swiss watch making techniques. Since then, the company has gained immense acclaim and they continued to uphold high standards.

The inspiration behind the wonderful timepieces by Bell and Ross lie in aviation history and military specifications. Each timepiece by the company features incredible visual and performance qualities. Bell and Ross has created many amazing pilot watches. One of the most famous and loved model is the Bell and Ross BR01. They have headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. They have created exceptional timepieces that are perfect for astronauts, pilots, bomb disposal experts, divers, and other such extreme professions. All the watches of Bell and Ross have a signature style if you look closely. They have a round dial with a square case which has been inspired by the military instruments of fighter planes.

Famous Models of Bell & Ross

Here are some of the most loved, admired, and sought after timepieces by Bell and Ross.

Instruments BR03-94 Blue Steel

This timepiece is from the Instruments collections which has some of the most premium watches. The instruments BR03-94 blue steel is full of surprises. It is an amazing timepiece that has everything in it. You get a complete package. It has that aesthetically pleasing design along with efficient performance. The blue calfskin gives it a luxurious feel. The ultra resilient synthetic fiber makes it strong and sturdy.

The design is enhanced by the deep blue dial. It has amazing features such as a 30 min timer, tachymeter scale, and central chronograph. The exterior of the watch is huge with a 42 mm diameter. It has been specially designed to look bug so that it matches the rugged aesthetics and gives a masculine look.

Instruments BR05 Grey Steel

The BR05 grey steel is another beauty from the instruments collection. If anyone wants a simpler and less complicated alternative for BR03-94, then this is the one for you. It has the same exquisite design with impeccable features. This instruments BR05 grey steel model has clean dials that makes it really easy to read time. The brand name is embossed in its signature style. The distinctive style gives uniqueness to the brand. It also functions great with an integrated case. This is the perfect option for anyone wanting an urban look.

Instruments BR05 Black Steel

The BR05 black steel is an exception choice from the instruments collection. This is an elegant wristwatch perfect for military functionality. Just like the BR05 grey steel, this model has a simple and clean dial which makes time reading very easy. It has a caliber BR-CAL 321 automatic mechanical movement which guarantees accuracy and precision. The high quality technology used in the making of this watch provides precise timekeeping. This model has a brilliant design with a black rubber strap which can be either dressed down or up. This timepiece is much slimmer than other Bell and Ross watches which make it perfect for a formal dress shirt.

Instrument BR03-94 Black Matte

The ravishing BR03-94 black matte from the instruments collection is great timepiece that has a number of features to offer. The strap and case of the timepiece feature an elegant matte black color that gives it a slim and sleek look. There are two sub dials at the face of it. One is at three o’clock that has small seconds and the other one is at nine o’clock that has a 30 minutes chronograph timer. There is also a minute track present at the flange. The sleek black exterior gives this timepiece a dashing look. It is appropriate for both outdoor casual use and office wear.

Instrument BRS Quartz Desert 39mm

The BRS Quartz Desert is an exceptional timepiece by Bell and Ross. It was made by the finest watchmakers to withstand extreme situations. It has exceptional military functionality. Its specifications include a diameter of 39mm matte black ceramic case. The beige dial adds a slight contrast. It has a sub dial at 6 o’clock that helps you keep track of small seconds. The hands of this timepiece are filled with superluminova which allows it glow subtly in the dark. This feature enhances the readability. It is useful at night or in darker environments. The beige calfskin strap gives a luxurious feel. It matches with the dial and adds to the aesthetics of the model. This is a neutral colored timepiece which will match all of your outfits. It is perfect for outdoor and office wear.

Instruments BR03-92 MA-1

The Bell and Ross BR03-92 is an amazing timepiece from the instruments collection. It is a perfect match with aviator glasses, bomber jackets, and fighter planes. It has a sporty look that will make you look ten times more attractive. The design is inspired from bomber jackets of the 1958. It has bright contrasting colors that add to the cool aesthetics of this timepiece. These colors also provide glow in the dark that enhances readability. The hands of this wrist watch are covered in superluminova. It has a diameter of 42mm. The calfskin leather straps just make the timepiece much more luxurious. You can wear this wrist watch to add a pop of color to your casual outfit.

BR 03-92 Bi Compass

This is the model that sticks true to the philosophy of Bell and Ross watches. The name of this wrist watch, bi compass, is inspired by the look that it gives. You get a vintage radio compass look from this timepiece. When you look a little closely you feel see that it is missing the hour hand. This is a unique feature of this watch. You can tell the time without using the hour hand in this timepiece. There is a bluish greenish disc with a triangle in the middle. As the time passes, the disc rotates and tells you which hour it is. The middle circle has numerals and indexes that are also painted in the same color as the triangle. The outer level of the dial has numerals and minute markers in off white color. This color scheme has been carefully crafted and inspired by the vintage military aircraft radio compass which was used by the military back in the day.

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