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Gucci Watches

History of Gucci

This iconic luxury brand was established by Guccio Gucci (1881–1953), the legendary Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur. He was born to a family of leather craftsmen. In 1921, Gucci opened a workshop in Florence in Italy for manufacturing travel bags and other leather products. Inspired by the initial success, Gucci began expanding the company with the help of his family members. He had launched more product categories like leather bags, wallets, gloves, belts, etc.

After the Second World War, Guccio Gucci’s three sons — Aldo, Vasco, and Rodolfo — became key shareholders of the company. Post WWII, the company released some iconic creations like the Bamboo bag, Loafers & Moccasins, the Jackie Bag, Belt buckles with the double-G logo and the Flora scarf.

In 1968, with the opening of their store on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood, Gucci entered into fashion clothing business. In 1972, the Florentine house launched perfumes and gucci watches. After the demise of Guccio Gucci in 1953, his sons took over the reins of the company. Their business continued expanding globally despite some family disputes. In 1988, Bahrain-based holding company Investcorp acquired nearly 50% of the brand's shares and in 1993, they brought all remaining stocks. It marked the exit of Gucci family from the brand's management.

Starting from the mid 1990s, Investcorp began selling their Gucci shares. A French holding group named Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR) brought about 40% of Gucci shares to become the largest share holder of the company. Since then, PPR continued buying the left-over shares and the group finally managed to acquire more than 99% of Gucci shares. In 2013, PPR changed its name to Kering Group.

History of Gucci Watches

In 1972, Gucci signed a licensing agreement Severin Montres Ltd, a Swiss company specialised in private-label watch manufacturing. The initial agreement was valid for 25 years. In 1997, Gucci group acquired this company. This strategic acquisition helped the Italian fashion company to establish its own branch for overseeing designing, manufacturing and distribution of Gucci watches. In 2001, the brand launched its first mechanical watch. Presently, the brand has its own production facility in Switzerland.

Designed by the Best Creative Minds

Initially, Gucci’s fashion and lifestyle products were designed by the members of the founding family. In 1989, the company appointed Dawn Mello as the executive vice president and chief designer. In 1994, American fashion designer Tom Ford was appointed as the creative director of Gucci. Along with Dawn Mello, Ford revived the luxury brand’s iconic collections. In 2004, Tom Ford left the fashion house and launched his own brand.

Gucci also employed renowned fashion designers like John Ray, Alessandra Facchinetti and Frida Giannini. Among them, Frida Giannini became the creative director of the brand in 2006. Frida left the company in 2014. After her departure, Gucci group appointed Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele as the new creative director.

During his tenure, Tom Ford had designed various collections of watches, including the iconic G watch. His successor, Frida Giannini had designed watch models like G-Gucci, G-Frame, GUCCI Bamboo, GUCCI G-Timeless, Gucci Coupé, I-Gucci and Interlocking collection. Since January 2015, Alessandro Michele has been designing Gucci watches and jewellery collection. The GUCCI Grip watch was designed by Alessandro.

Gucci Watch Collections

Most notable watch collections from the House of Gucci are G-Gucci, G-Frame, G-Timeless, Bamboo, Coupé, GG2570, Dive, I-Gucci, Gucci Sync. Interlocking and GRIP. The typical price range of Gucci watches is US$ 500 to US $2,500.

The G-Timeless is the most comprehensive gucci watch collection, which offers a vast selection of various models for both men and women. It includes automatic and quartz timepieces featuring round or rectangular cases, with dimensions typically ranging from 27 mm to 42 mm. The G-Timeless collection highlights some popular design patterns, especially the animal motifs, inspired by the fashion house’s magnificent creations.

For adventurers and water sports lovers, the fashion brand provides a collection of dive watches. Available with automatic or quartz movements, the Gucci dive model has a water resistance up to 200 meters. The rugged and masculine timepieces from Gucci dive collection are suitable for recreational diving and nautical activities. Gucci Coupé collection offers men’s watches inspired by the world of exotic sports cars. The outstanding features of this retro-styled gucci mens watch collection are rounded-square case, vintage speedometer style dial with extra-large numerals and leather straps inspired by racing car interiors.

Gucci also offers watch collections exclusively created for fashion-loving women. Its Diamantissima series offers timepieces featuring sophisticated case design and minimalistic dials with-out indexes. Available in case sizes like 22mm, 27mm and 32 mm, these beautiful models for women boast the brand’s iconic diamante pattern on the dial and case sides. The Horsebit collection includes elegant feminine watches inspired by the horsebit motif, which is one of the most familiar designs from the Italian fashion house. Inspired by the Art Deco design, the G-Frame offers ladies’ watches featuring rectangular or square cases. These gucci watches for women are equipped with quartz movements.

The Interlocking watch collection pays tribute to the iconic interlocking double “G” symbol. It was first used in the early Sixties and representing the initials of Guccio Gucci. The collection offers automatic and quartz versions, with an impressive selection of men’s and women’s timepieces. Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles series typically reflect the fashion house’s latest design aesthetics. This collection offers timepieces featuring embroidery on the nylon dials, where animal motifs are offset by the web striped dial background.

Introduced in 2019, GUCCI Grip is a unisex watch inspired by the skateboarding culture. Highlighting gender-neutral design features, GUCCI Grip is a quartz watch and typically comes with a rounded-square case.

Buy Gucci Watches Now

Gucci has been designing, developing and manufacturing luxury-fashion wristwatches since the early 1970s. It is one of the most reliable and consistent fashion watch brands in the world. Presently, the luxury-fashion house offers an extensive collection of ladies, gents and unisex watches. The brand produces superior-quality and luxurious timepieces featuring different styles and sizes, including automatic, quartz and digital models.

Gucci’s creations are known for their dual nature. Its timepieces also boast these special attributes and merge modernity with tradition, innovation with craftsmanship and trendsetting with sophistication. Both elegant and contemporary, Gucci watches are available with a broad palette of materials and designs to serve fashion conscious customers. The company makes use of best-quality materials for producing its timepieces. Gucci sources the movements for its watches from reputed Swiss companies like ETA and Ronda. Proudly bearing the prestigious Swiss Made label, all Gucci timepieces are manufactured in the brand’s own manufacturing facilities in Switzerland.

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