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Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix Watches

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History of Maurice Lacroix

Surprisingly enough, Swiss luxury watchmakers Maurice Lacroix, did not start the way we see them today. It was a subsidiary that formed in 1975 from Desco von Schulthess, which was in the silk trade from 1889. Headquartered in Zurich, the watchmakers did not only manufacture watches for themselves but crafted parts for other vendors.

Within five short years, Maurice Lacroix was unable to keep up with the demand for their product. The brand became a huge success and had no other choice but to discontinue supplying watch components to other manufacturers. Thanks to their newfound and much-deserved success, they began their expansion in 1990. Soon they joined the exclusive club of luxury watches and have managed to remain a prominent name in the watchmaking game till this very day.

Celebrity Endorsements

A brushed stainless-steel silver case, 41 mm dial, and the classic snap down back came together to create one of Maurice Lacroix's most talked about special editions, under the Masterpiece collection. The brand ambassador in the 1990s was none other than Roger Federer, and the chronograph watch with 3 sub-dials was curated keeping the tennis star in mind. The smooth operation promised by a Swiss Quartz movement was a true ode to Federer and his clean game that rarely lets us down.

Keeping up with tradition on capitalizing on the influencers market, Maurice Lacroix also teamed up with diver Orlando Duque. This was to publicize their collection, Ponto's Chronograph, targeted at a niche audience of water sports enthusiasts. They have also taken up the role of official watch partner of The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. As Duque very famously said in collaboration with Maurice Lacroix, "I have to use every split second I have to make it all happen." The watchmakers of Maurice Lacroix have wasted no time to cater to audiences craving luxury and sport at an affordable rate.

Back in 2010 Ray Stevenson, British actor, expressed interest in Maurice Lacroix's Masterpiece and Ponto collections. The actor, fascinated by the craftsmanship, has described the watches as a work of art and engineering. He owns an impressive personal collection and plans on passing them on to his son. 2014 action movie "Big Game", starring Ray Stevenson and Samuel. L Jackson, in leading roles, saw Stevenson wearing a Maurice Lacroix piece throughout the shoot.

Collaborations have been many and varied with this Swiss Luxury brand. The skilled hands that ensure quality have been thorough. The promise of exceptional craftsmanship and technology have been upheld since Maurice Lacroix established themselves in 1975.

The 6 Pillars of Maurice Lacroix


Introduced to the world for the first time in 1996, the entry level quartz collection quickly caught on with the public, especially the younger clientele. Following the principle of less is more, Eliros from Maurice Lacroix oozes minimalism and class. The modern yet classic appearance proved the emergence of a timeless piece. The Eliros Date was especially sought after due to the interchangeable strap and bracelet feature. Also true to the Maurice Lacroix brand USP, it was affordable luxury and quality craftsmanship.


The Italian word for “fairy tale” rightly captures the collections organic lines and delicate art work made exclusively for the women audience. Do not be fooled by the feminine aesthetic and delicateness, the collection was made to last. Everyone knows diamonds are a woman’s best friend, now a luxury watch studded with diamonds is no less. An elongated dial with a minute curvature was developed to ensure the utmost comfort for the wearer.

Les Classique

As the name suggests, the Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques is an evergreen piece of technology. Something that many years from today your grandchildren would get gifted on their graduation. It has a smart and modern design that lasts the test of time complete with authentic leather straps and the signature Maurice Lacroix moonphase. The attention to detail is clear and the trade mark Maurice Lacroix craftsmanship have the spotlight.


The collection that carried the Roger Federer special edition, embodies the traditional values of the luxury brand. The more expensive pieces of Maurice Lacroix are part of this collection. Detailed creativity and quality expressed is impressive. It is the best example of the skill, innovation and expertise shown by the craftsmen. The reason this particular collection is heavy on the wallet is because of the visually impressive PVD’d steel and caliber ML230. A complete treat for those who collect luxury timepieces.


Targeted at a very specific audience, the consumers being divers or water sports enthusiasts. Luxury and sports are very common in timepieces. But Maurice Lacroix has created a whole new market based on heavy water sports alone. Technical superiority, good looks and a customized blazer made with waterproof Schoeller soft shell is decidedly what makes the Ponto collection what it is. The perfectly balanced equation that combines elegance, luxury and rigorous sports. A 43 mm case and internal timing ring has come together to create the perfect dimension for the wrist without seeming too large.


Inspired by the Calypso collection that eventually went out of production in the 2000s, Aikon is a modern and sharper version of the same. The automatic collection from Maurice Lacroix has been compared to higher end luxury brands but at a price that is almost 20 times less. The water-resistant properties and steel strap is a steal for those who want an impressive finish to their outfit.

Buy Maurice Lacroix Watches Now

As discussed earlier, Maurice Lacroix used to manufacture individual parts for other watchmakers. The skill and precision honed from this practice has resulted in exact technicalities and exceptional quality. The craftsmanship behind each piece is unmatched. Also, not many time houses can proudly say they have in-house manufacturing. Maurice Lacroix has the freedom to innovate without any creative boundaries that bind other watchmaking companies. This catalyzes unique designs for Maurice Lacroix watches that appeal to the younger audiences yet keeping in mind the mature market.

The promise of affordable luxury is made even more appealing by marrying traditional techniques tested by time and modern yet classic designs. The synergy between the best of both worlds have cumulated in products that keep up with times, with a little something for everyone.

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