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Chopard Watches

Know More About Chopard Watches

History of Chopard

Chopard was established in 1860 in Sonvilier, when Louis-Ulysse Chopard decided to move out of his family business of farming, and follow his passion for watchmaking. The company was focused on designing artistic ultra-thin pocket watches along with precision driven timekeeping devices, specifically for the Swiss railways. Around this time, they also mastered the art of designing Chopard ladies watches as well as wristwatches.

Renowned for its artistic designs and state-of-the-art innovative movements, the company had a clientele that were illustrious and renowned. Owing to the business acumen sported by the company’s owners, they were able to gain the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia as a client. With time, they also gained Tir Federal and international clients for their watches. As an observant watchmaker and a keen marketer, he understood the pulse of the market he was entering and would serve them with watches that exceeded their expectations and matched their desires.

The Age of Expansion

In 1915, under the leadership of Louis’s son, Paul Louis, the company began its expansion. From Sonvilier, the company relocated to Chaux-de-Fonds in 1921 and finally to Geneva in 1937. It was around the same time that every watch produced by the company bore the Geneva stamp, certifying its quality and reliability.

The company had a tough time surviving post-war, which is why Paul’s son made the tough decision to sell it to a Germany based goldsmith and watchmaker, Karl Scheufele III. The watchmaker needed a company that would help him produce Swiss dials, and Chopard was the ideal purchase. Merging his watchmaking traditions and design abilities with the Swiss maker’s dial and movements, he recreated Chopard watches and redefined the concept of reliability. Under his leadership, the company went on to achieve greater heights. Around this time, the company expanded to other niches, thus producing jewelry as well as sports watches. This was the time when Chopard underwent rebranding and reimaging, with newer product lines and improved versions of their existing products.

The Happy Diamonds watch line came into existence during this time, known for the unique placement of diamond inside the dial. They also released the Choppard Mille Miglia line in 1988, a few years after happy diamond.

The watch brand underwent a lot of changes amidst the change of management as well as expansion goals. After shifting its manufacturing headquarters and its operations, the company also shifted its watch movement manufacturing facility to Fleurir. Till this point, the company did not have their movement manufacturing facility, as they were dependent on third party components. With this move, the company started catering to the high-end luxury market with capable and movements designed in-house, which increased their popularity further.

Active Sponsorships

They have actively sponsored and built their brand through this technique. They are involved with the Mille Miglia car rally to create Chopard Mille Miglia rally. They are trophy sponsors at the Cannes Film Festival. Since 1998, they are giving away the Trophee Chopard prize. They also celebrated 20 years of this association for the Trophee Chopard and Palme d’Or Trophy by creating a special edition Palme D’Or adored with Fairmined diamonds. They have been part of the Monaco Grand Prix since 2002. They have chosen brands, events and rallies that are tuned to their products. Their association shows their longevity, the brand’s target market, and how they have redefined themselves.

The company has earned a good 550 million Pounds from sales in 2010, when they were celebrating their 150th anniversary. The Chopard watch prices are set at premium rates, and half of the profits achieved can be attributed to global watch sales. Today, they produce close to 75k time pieces and are an active member of the Federation of Swiss Watch Industry FH.

Chopard’s Top Models

Chopard is known for its fine collection. Each one has a Vintage design and defines watchmaking genius. Here we will talk about some of the fine watches that you need to know of, from this brand.

LUC Quattro

Chopard’s finest watches exude luxury, and the LUC Quattro is no different. This was launched as a premium collection, limited edition watch. It may not seem as classy as the regular Swiss watches that have been created by this maker but, there is a reason it has joined the A-listers. It defines luxury in its own way and meets the promise of being reliable. Enclosed within a 43mm case that is 8.84m thin and made of white gold, this watch comes with the latest Quattro technology. With the power that runs for 9 days and a good amount of water resistance, this is a classy piece to match your formal wear.

Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph

It may not be the most expensive watch created by the Chopard brand but, it is one of the high-end series launched by them. The Chopard Mille Miglia has a racing pedigree, which is the main reason for the watch being high priced. A white dial with Arabic numbers and the bezel diamonds in this watch steal the thunder. The dial as well as the see-through back of the watch contains a sapphire. This chronograph is COSC certified and offers a high-quality mechanical movement. It comes with a power reserve of 42 hours.

Happy Diamond

This was a unique piece developed by the brand, which included floating diamonds within the sapphire glass. In an auction held in 2015, Chopard happy diamonds watch was sold by Christie’s for $1.67Mn. The pink marquise diamond within the watch weighs around 2.62Carat.

If you are looking for reliable watches that are artistically designed and go with power dressing, then Chopard watches will surely hit a chord with you. They have been designed to cater to the elite audience owing to the refined jewels that they bear and the aesthetic mix they offer. Every watch is a signature piece and exudes power and agility.

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