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MeisterSinger Watches

MeisterSinger Watches

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Design Philosophy of MeisterSinger

MeisterSinger watches stand out thanks to their unique design - they carry only one hand, keeping with the founder’s drive for simplicity. MeisterSinger dials draw inspiration from sundials and old clocks, which were distinguishable by their minimalistic designs. These dials are also painstakingly symmetrical - each number is represented as double digits, with 1-9 prefixed with a 0 for the same reason. In Brassler’s words, “We don’t live in seconds or minutes, we’re unable to,” and that serves as the primary reason for the company’s discernible pieces. Interestingly, the brand also launched a MeisterSinger watch akin to one of its inspirations - the Westminster Abbey - to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.

Accolades of MeisterSinger Watches

This established brand is no stranger to awards and the recognition of its notable work. Over the years, design forums and critics alike have taken note of the consistently admirable models. Below, one can find a list of all the awards that have been collected by various MeisterSinger models over the years.

N ° 01 / 1Z
Red Dot Design Award 2004
iF Design Award 2004
N ° 03
GOOD DESIGN Award 2007
The Monograph
Red Dot Design Award 2008
iF Design Award 2008
The Perigraph
Red Dot Design Award 2009
GOOD DESIGN Award 2009
Watch Of The Year 2012
The Singulator
Red Dot Design Award 2010
GOOD DESIGN Award 2010
The MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date
Red Dot Design Award 2013
GOOD DESIGN Award 2013
German Design Award 2015
The Circularis
iF Design Award 2015
German Design Award 2016
The Adhaesio
Red Dot Design Award 2016
iF Design Award 2016
Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015
German Design Award 2017
The Salthora Meta X
Red Dot Design Award 2018
Circularis Power Reserve
German Design Award 2019
The Lunascope
Red Dot Design Award 2019
iF Design Award 2019
German Design Award 2020
The Circularis Power Reserve Black Line
GOOD Design Award 2019
The Metris Bronze Line
GOOD Design Award 2020
The Vintago
iF Design Award 2020
The Astroscope
German Design Award 2021
Red Dot Design Award 2020

Notable Models and Designs of MeisterSinger

Over the years, several MeisterSinger pieces have received widespread popular and critical acclaim for their ergonomic designs, appealing patterns and impressive power supplies. Some of their more famous pieces are listed below:

The Circularis

Equipped with double folding clasps, the Circularis has won the International Forum (iF) design award. It is especially notable that this model has a semicircle displaying the piece’s power reserve. This is an underrated yet crucial addition in a watch that runs on the MSH02, containing adequate power to last 120 hours. The dial showcases chrome-plated numerical indentations, which can also be read in the dark, having been created using Superluminova techniques. Additionally, the model is encased in a stainless steel case, with a 43 mm diameter and a 5 bar waterproofing limit. The coveted timepiece has an exceptionally large bridge which was designed by the founder himself. The rhodium-plated watch features ‘bevelled edges, blued screws and gilded engravings.’ It is available in sunburst silver-white, sunburst sapphire-blue and ivory - a mix of the classics and novelty.

The Adhaesio

The Adhaesio, a relatively newer model, won the iF much like the Circularis and bagged the Red Dot award. The primary standout feature of the Adhaesio is the rotating disc located right next to the date disc, representing a second-time zone. This is a rarity for analogue watches- all three adjustable factors: local time, second time zone and date can be modified through the crown. Powered by the ETA2893, a Swiss automatic movement, this model carries the MeisterSinger standard power reserve of an impressive 38 hours. It is encased in stainless steel and available in a range of colours such as black, full white, full sand and blue. Further, the Adhaesio is also 43 mm in diameter and provides water resistance up to 50 m.

The Paleograph

Fitted with the manually wound MSYN13 that boasts a 46-hour power reserve, the Paleograph can be described as MeisterSinger's most adventurous design yet. Fitted with a single-push column-wheel chronograph, this model contains a single button to start functioning, stop it and reset any parameters at any time. Given that this style of making timepieces is now a relic of the past, it was essential for the company to find a rare expert. Ultimately, it was an 80-year-old watchmaker who was able to see the manufacturing till the end of the process. Lastly, only 48 limited edition pieces had been made, all of which sold out in a single day.

The Edition Today

The latest additions to the unique designs launched every year by the company is the limited edition ‘Edition Today.’ It is a timepiece true to the MeisterSinger philosophy of living in the present. It does away with the date feature common to most wristwatches, and instead features a new window that simply displays the word ‘today’ in multiple languages. Limited to only 100 pieces, the watch is powered by the Miyota 8285, holding a 42-hour power reserve.

The Astroscope 2020 Edition

A 2020 special edition is the Astroscope, a watch that draws inspiration from the field of astrology. The second edition inspired by the stars after the 2018 Lunascope, the dial represents the week's days in a semicircular formation, each paired with an astronomical symbol, albeit in a non-chronological order. Powered by the Sellita SW220-1, the watch holds a general reserve of 38 hours. The piece comes in two colors - the Old Radium: a cream dial with blue indentations, and the Black Blue: a darker dial with light blue indentations. Both models also come with variations of a tan leather strap.

Buy MeisterSinger Watches Now

MeisterSinger might be a relatively new brand in the world of timekeeping, but the unique designs - most noticeably the singular arm - have proved that the brand is here to stay. It has managed to carve a niche for itself through its distinctive philosophy of living in the here and now. In the fast paced world of the 21st century, this philosophy and the company's motto 'Time never flies in a MeisterSinger' isn't just impressive or interesting; it's essential. Humans are losing this race against time, trying to fit so much into so little. However, this branding philosophy reminds you that there is no race, just moments in time, and you must do with that what you will.

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