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Longines Watches

Longines Watches

Set Ascending Direction

How Longines Became Legendary

While they did want to improve the accuracy levels, the brand needed to revolutionize watches for the sports niche. An accurate timepiece is at the core of sports events. So, the watchmakers wanted to improve the results of the watches used by them.

The first-ever watch produced by the makers was the Calibre 20A. They had incorporated a pendant winding and setting mechanism at the core of this movement, which helped enhance the accuracy. This movement received an award at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in the year 1987. They became problem-solvers for sports and scientific expeditions. For most expeditions, determining the longitude can be a tough job. The hour angle watch provides the longitude accurately, making it easier for people to use it, and move along the right direction. They devised the Longines Legend Diver watch that was specifically designed keeping in mind the diver’s requirements.

They were pioneers in bringing the automatic winding movement to their watches. They were also associated with a lot of sporting events. They became the official timekeeper for the Winter Olympics Oslo in 1952.

The brand constantly innovated watchmaking and was working towards understanding the problems of their market and offering solutions. They were the first to create the thinnest electromagnetic movement in the world. They released the new watch globally in 1961 at the Basel Fair. They were also responsible for the Ultra-Chron, an accurate and automatic wristwatch. With each new watch, they released a fresh solution, improved their accuracy levels, and enhanced the watch system for the world.

Their watchmaking was inspired by the way America’s top watchmakers operated and carried out design making. They understood the internal structure as well as quality management of the then American companies, which led to their impressive standards and unique organization.

Exquisite Designs and Innovations

Longines launched their first-ever chronograph movement known as 20H with three core functions- start, stop and reset, in 1878. By 1880, they were renowned for the quality and precision they offer through their watches. In was only in the early 1900s that the company went on to produce wristwatches. They delivered their first-ever wristwatch in 1927, which was a Wings Aviation watch. Later, they manufactured several versions of an aviation watch. At the same time, the company also mentioned an association with sports timekeeping. They had become official timekeepers for many sports, including racing. With time, they started creating watches for all sporting needs, whether it is in the air, on water or land-based.

Longines 1832

The watch is a dedication to the company’s origins. A classic design combined with high-performance and a traditional appeal is what makes this watch unique. The back case of this watch contains a sapphire crystal. You get both 40mm and 30mm versions of this watch, depending on the size that suits your purpose best.

Conquest Classic

The Longines Conquest was specifically designed for sports, and came with a self-winding calibre feature. These watches have been used in gymnastics and archery for its precision and accuracy. They come with a column-wheel chronograph combined with diamond indexes and Swiss Super LumiNova, within the design.

Equestrian Collection

The company was the first-ever to design a watch for the equestrian sport, and they started with watches designed for jockeys. It is no surprise that they launched an entire collection for this sport. The equestrian collection is a Chronograph with an engraving of a jockey on his horse. This series celebrates the long association of the brand with this sport, and how integral it is to their watch collections and designs.

Heritage Collection

The Longines Flagship Heritage was released in the 1950s. It contained a sleak black dial, which was in sync with the heritage of this brand. The Longines Heritage Classic Tuxedo was yet another addition to this collection. The earlier version that was released in 1940s marked the freedom after the war ended, and was a tribute to the same. The aesthetics and designs of these tuxedo watches is synonymous with freedom.

Awards and Sponsorships

Notable celebrities from varying backgrounds such as Simon Baker, Kate Winslet, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Eddie Peng, Harry Connick Jr. and Audrey Hepburn have owned the watches of this brand. Few of these notable watches are kept in the Longines Museum, which you should visit to take a peek into the history of this company and its numerous designs.

Longines has sponsored several events including the Formula One World Championship in 1980, the Archery World Cup, Commonwealth Games, French Open and FIS Alpine Ski World Cup.

Keep Time Elegantly with Longines

Whether you consider the history of the brand or its impressive collections, there is something appealing about it all. And every timepiece has a fresh look about it. Every design created is inspirational, and the mechanisms are in sync with current trends in watchmaking. Owning a Longines watch is a delight for every watch collector. Whether it is a diver watch or something from the Longines men’s watches collection, every piece is the owner’s pride.

How Longines Started

The company came into existence in 1832 as Raiguel Jeune & Cie. Eventually, after the partnership split, it came to be known as Longines. The Swiss watchmakers pioneered in mass production of movements, which helped with the swift manufacturing of the watches. The company incorporated a winged hourglass as its logo after its inception; the logo is still the same and captures the essence of the company.

Swiss watches are not only known for their movements, but also their high-end manufacturing style, innovation and standards that they tend to surpass. Longines watches are renowned for offering ultimate accuracy and solution-specific designs. Though they are luxury watches, they are absolutely worth the money. Along with precision, these watches boast elegant designs, and an opulent history.

The company caters to sportspeople, athletes and even those in the fashion industry. In short, everyone who needs style and accuracy as part of their life can choose Longines. The watchmakers have recorded serial numbers for each of their timepieces. This is, in turn, makes it easier for the makers to check on details such as registration, launch year and who it was sold to, when needed.

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