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Tissot Watches

Tissot Watches

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History of Tissot

Tissot SA started as Chs Tissot & Fils in 1853, and has evolved dramatically as a watchmaker since its inception. The Swiss watchmakers quickly became known for solving major issues faced by the users, through their expertise, love for precision, and knowledge of watchmaking intricacies. Apart from that, they used to match steps with the fashion industry to create historical timepieces too. Even today, their watches are inspired by the current fashion trends as well as needs posed by the users. They were primarily involved in creating pocket watches. Graduating from this series, they created sports chronographs, mechanical watches as well as other classic pieces that boasted design simplicity and impressive aesthetics. They were the first to create a touchscreen watch as well.

Tissot watches were not destined to be limited to the Swiss regions. They expanded as soon as they got their hands on the different aspects of watchmaking. They began with Russia and served the Nobel courts. Soon enough, Russia became their best and biggest market. At this point, the company was still into selling pocket watches. However, their watches were styled and designed in a sophisticated manner and looked akin to a jewel piece. With time, they created watches with minute repeaters, which increased the precision levels.

They then graduated from pocket watches to wristwatches in 1907, after they started a factory for manufacturing watch cases in Chemin de Tourelles. To cater to the increasing demand, they had to acquire electric machines which could speed up the watch manufacturing process. At this point, they began designing Tissot women’s watches. Soon after, they also produced these watches for men. Leading the market with its innovations, the company soon began delivering solutions to all the common problems.

Whether someone needed a watch to manage interferences or a luxury piece to match their attire, Tissot became the one-stop destination for their target audience. Apart from developing the first-ever antimagnetic watch, they also crafted the self-winding watch and chronographs needed during that period.

A Period of Boom

With time, the company started diversifying their models and began incorporating advanced features and luxurious designs in their timepieces. They were among the first to produce Tissot automatic watches made of stainless steel casing and finished with leather straps. They introduced self-winding capabilities in these watches and also included a 40-hour power reserve. Apart from being automatic, the watches were also resistant to shock movements.

When the brand made a global move with their automatic watches, they added the 24 different time zones feature to these pieces. The 1951 navigator was an especially ambitious watch from this brand. The display itself was remarkable and highlighted the company’s capability. They were pioneers in timepieces that combined functionality with elegant designs seamlessly. Later, they introduced the calendar feature to their watches.

Tissot not only developed watches that were appealing and functional but also improved their production capabilities by introducing single calibre, which meant a single base movement that helped produce an entire wristwatch.

The Move to Sports Watches

Tissot watches are not just known for their features or problem-solving abilities. That is because the company was determined to produce Tissot watches for men and women that are stylish too. In fact, during the Quartz Crisis, when every watchmaker faced troubled times, Tissot came up with a radical and fresh idea that revamped their production line.

They designed an iconic watch specifically for those in need of speed. The design had a sporty appeal while the watch particulars ensured rugged functionality. Some of the brand’s impressive watches include Astrolon and Sideral, both of which were designed for the space age. They also pioneered the tool watch segment with their T-touch watch that detected electrical variations.

To date, Tissot has partnered with NBA, Tour de France, MotoGP and many others to showcase their brilliance in first-range sports watches.

Awards & Felicitations

The company won many awards at industrial exhibitions for their functional timepieces. They also won the Diploma of Honour in Zurich in 1888, the Grand Prix as well as the Gold Medal in Antwerp in 1890. Their chronometers have also been awarded for being functional and exceptional.

Top-Rated Tissot Watches

Tissot Rockwatch

This watch was a hit owing to its uniqueness. The watch case was crafted out of stone, specifically alpine granite. It was a significant splash across the globe, especially in the US, for this watch was one of those pioneered in the use of a stone case. Now Tissot has created various models using different types of stones for the case, one of which is pearl.

Tissot Tactile Watches

These models were known for being sensor-driven and incorporated functions such as chronograph, alarm, altimeter, compass, thermometer, and barometer. These tactile functions led to the creation of some of the best watches in those times. The chronographs were designed to suit the environment and were pieced into impressive cases.

Tissot T-Touch

The T-Touch series was the brand’s first-ever venture into touchscreen watches. Different functions can be activated in these models by touching the screen. They let you read temperatures, altitudes, weather, speed, and even show a timer and compass. There are some specific features included for specific users, such as racing splits for racers, and tide indicators for surfers.

Tissot for Your Collection

Tissot watches will add pride to your wrist and the entire ensemble as they are appealing, functional and unique. The choicest features have been added to these watches to drive excellence and ease your tasks. Emphasis on precision and problem-solving capabilities makes Tissot timepieces one of a kind. You can choose from a wide variety of designs to match any occasion or mood. Whether you are geared up for a sports event or a formal occasion, you will find exactly what you need with Tissot.

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