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IWC Watches

IWC Watches

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History of IWC

At the young age of 27, Florentine Ariosto Jones held the responsibility as a manager and deputy director at one of the leading watchmaker companies. This encouraged him to pursue his own passion of watchmaking. In 1868, Florentine planned to combine Swiss craftsmanship and modern engineering technology that led to the birth of IWC watches. He took the help of modern technology, Swiss watchmakers, and hydropower from River Rhine to create high-quality pocket watches for Americans. IWC produced pocket watches that had a digital Pallweber display and wrist watches in its initial days.

In 1936, the company launched the IWC pilot watch. This timepiece featured a rotating bezel and an arrowhead index which proved to be efficient for the registration of take-off times by the pilot. It also had an antimagnetic escapement. In the following years, the company released the first IWC Portuguese watch and IWC Big Pilot watch.

IWC Watches: Endorsement by Celebrities

IWC watches come under one of the most luxurious Swiss watches and come under the favourite’s list of many celebrities. The company has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the Hollywood.

- Beta 21, the first Swiss-made Quartz movement watch with a unique hexagonal gold case was premiered in the first Da Vinci Code.

- Top Gun was a blockbuster hit led by Tom Cruise in which he showcased the IWC Pilot Chronograph watch. This watch left a lasting impression on a number of viewers. In 2012, IWC released Top Gun Pilot watches that had a military look with the school’s name and logo at the back.

- IWC launched Bradley Cooper as its brand ambassador which was no surprise. Bradley Cooper has been a fan of IWC watches since long and he was excited to become a part of the IWC family. The current brand ambassador of this company is Tom Brady, the well-known American football quarterback.

IWC Watches: Vintage Luxury for Collectors

International Watch Company has been known as one of the most renowned watch companies in the world today. The reason behind investment in IWC vintage watches is that there are multiple designs and variations to choose from. Vintage pieces can be acquired from the private collectors and auction houses with a good reputation. IWC watches have low as well as high priced watches as their first priority is the watch lovers. Those who want to own an IWC watch can pick the one that suits their pocket. This price variation is not easily seen in other high-end watch brands.

- IWC Mechanical pocket watches are some of the oldest and finest creations by the company. Their value lies in the traditional methods used for making the watches. One of the best pocket watches to invest is, the Portofino watch. This watch does not pop up in the market easily and counted as one of the most high-end watches.

- IWC Vintage wristwatches exude robust quality and old IWC movements. These watches were manufactured in 50s and 60s and have huge investment potential. These pieces with unique dials are affordable when compared to Omega or Hamilton watches.

- IWC Aquatimer watches that belong to the late 1960s and 1970s are highly appreciated timepieces that can command a high price in the market.

- IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition “Rodeo Drive” is the choice for pilots that love to live in luxury. This is a rare edition timepiece.

IWC Watch Collections to Look Out for

Over the period of 150 years, IWC has created a range of brilliant timepieces that not only show time but class as well. Some of the IWC watches have made their own mark in the history that cannot be ignored.

- IWC Pilot Watches – In 1936, the company launched its first special pilot’s watch with unique features like an antimagnetic escapement, arrowhead index, and a rotating bezel. After that, IWC released multiple watches that acted as navigators for aviators. These watches prove to be an essential tool for the explorers till date. Some of the watches in this collection that are most popular amongst modern-day explorers are the IWC Chronograph Spitfire and Pilot’s Automatic Top Gun watch (inspired by Tom Cruise).

- IWC Portuguese Watches – This collection was introduced in 1939 when 2 Portuguese importers ordered a number of huge wrist watches that had high-precision calibres. The design of these watches is modern and crisp enough to become an icon in the world of watchmaking. The IWC Portuguese collection has launched multiple automatic and chronograph watches for individuals with a fine taste.

- IWC Big Pilot Watches – In 1940, IWC responded to the demand and introduced its Big Pilot watch. This timepiece had a central second’s hand that was not a common sight in those days.

- IWC Aquatimer Watches – To mark the successful beginning of timepieces for divers, IWC introduced Aquatimer. This watch featured water-resistance up to 20 bar and proved to be significant for underwater professionals. The Yacht Club Automatic watch was introduced at the Basel Watch Show. After that, the collection introduced magnificent timepieces like Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “Expedition Charles Darwin” and Aquatimer Automatic Edition “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau”.

- Revelation of Skeleton Watches – In 1977, IWC introduced a new pocket watch that featured a moon phase display and calendar. This complicated timepiece included a series of classy choices. Some of the watches were skeletonised.

- 125th Anniversary Edition – To mark the celebration of success, IWC designed the II Destriero Scafusia (Warhorse of Schaffhausen) in 1993. This was the world’s first watch with the most complicated mechanism at that time. It was a one-off limited edition watch with only 125 pieces.

Over the period of 150 years, the company has seen an era of Ernst Jakob, Albert Pellaton, Hanst Ernst Homberger, Vdo Adolf Schindling, and Richemont. Every reign has introduced a variety of watches that stand the test of time with grace, elegance, and finesse.

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