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History of Mido

Since their inception, Mido watches have paved the way for powerful timepiece technologies and innovation. They have crafted watches that not only look desirable but are also impressive on the tech front. Their timeless pieces are part of the vintage collection defined by them. They found a solid market in the automotive segment, which needed niche, precise and highly aspirational watches. Their designs appealed to the modern audience as they boasted attractive designs with modern straps and dials.

In the 1930s, Mido produced the first-ever water resistant, scroll-free and functional Swiss watch. They had introduced the cork-crown sealing technology with this watch, which would improve the water resistance and enhance the underwater experience of users. A few years later, they produced the first-ever anti-magnetic watch with a self-winding movement. With this watch, they introduced the technology needed for shock resistance. Multifort, the watch that they produced with these new tech enhancements, became their best selling piece over time. With Robi, Mido watches progressed towards crafting robust watches. The Robi watch was also part of a comic series created during this period.

Not only did Mido reinvent the concept of crafting beautiful timepieces, but they also marketed luxury at affordable prices. Every watch they created was a delight to the owner.

The Many Firsts of Mido Watches

After understanding the need for a global watch that would show local time for every country, Mido crafted a world timer. This made them easily stand apart from other Swiss watches. Most of the watches created by this company were known for being functional and reliable. Being at the forefront of technology, they had a unique customer base. They created watches specific to the needs of various industries. The centre chronograph, the first-ever of its kind, where the hands are staged at the centre, was invented by this company.

True to the meaning of the word MIDO, which translates to “I measure”, they recreated how time is measured, and what makes a watch tick with its consumers. Mido has always been aspirational in terms of its designs and draws inspirations from the real world. For instance, they had designed watches that matched the shape of the radiator grill from well-known cars such as Bugatti, Buick, Excelsior, Peugeot and Chevrolet. These timepieces boosted the user base for the brand. Apart from being known for luxury, Mido watches also exude a fun image, which cannot be ignored.

The Dark Phase

Like most luxury watches of that time, Mido too had to go through a not-so-good phase during the Quartz crisis. This was the time when Quartz watches were a rage, and most of the watch collectors and buyers were into Quartz collections. Mido, like most brands, managed to survive this phase, though it was the darkest phase for luxury brands all around the world.

One of the primary reasons was that the company was part of ASUAG, a body that suffered majorly during this crisis. In the later part of the 1900s though, the company became a part of Swatch group, and a new branding was initiated for these watches.

Impactful Designs of Mido

Every watch created by Mido is not only designed to meet the standards defined, but is also tested under extreme conditions to assess their abilities.

The watch cases for this brand are waterproof and supplied by Taubert & Fils. Later, Taubert & Fils was taken over by The Borgel Watch Case Company. The brand collaborated with the best technologies to redefine how their watch functioned. For instance, they introduced the Incablock shock protection system in their watches to make them shock resistant.

Timeless Collections from Mido

Find out which Swiss watch models from Mido have stood the test of time.

Mido Multifort

This is the first ever watch that introduced antimagnetic technology. They combined this with self-winding movement along with water and shock resistance technology. The watch was tested under extreme conditions, such as different temperature ranges as well as altitudes. The natural cork system was used to seal the winding stem, which led to a major success of the efforts put into this watch.


This was first produced in the year 1959, and the design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower. With this watch, the brand started pioneering in single shell watches. The lifespan of these watches improved considerably with this technology. It went on to become one of the most sought after watches, and is still a part of the brand’s collection.


The Baroncelli collection boasts one of the finest designs by Mido. It is inspired by the classical monuments globally, and is an excellent addition to the brand’s vintage collection. The designs are appealing and have been crafted for both men and women. There is a lot of detailing in these watches, which makes them stand out.

Mido Belluna

The curves as well as the rounded body make this an ideal watch for those who love luxury and extraordinaire designs. It is one of the popular automatic watches designed by the company. The watch was released on the 90th anniversary of this company. You can identify the Swiss culture as well as watchmaking spirit in this piece. The collection majorly includes Swiss watches for men and has incorporated the current technology and design practices.

Buy a Mido Watch Now

If you are inclined towards technology-driven, state-of-the-art timepieces that are pocket friendly too, then a Mido watch is definitely your go-to piece. They are mid range watches, which offer classic designs and are driven by the latest in technology. Each piece easily stands out in the sea of luxury watch brands. They have also partnered with the best technicians in the world to introduce impressive techniques, current trends and best practices.

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