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Omega Watches

Omega started its journey of watchmaking in 1848. For over a hundred of years, Omega has introduced countless masterpieces with fascinating history such as its flagship collection Seamaster and Speedmaster. The company is one of the most respected watchmakers over the world.

Despite its most discussed collections, there are so many remarkable watches that are worth your attention. We call them the Omega Special watches for those haven’t fallen into the brand’s mainstream collections. This collection consists of watches with antique value as well as some limited edition watches.

The origin of Omega started from a small watch workshop founded by the Swiss watchmaker Louis Brandt in 1848. The workshop was built in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. The company then started to release its mass production set of watches. 

Since 1932 Omega was selected as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games. Its first partnership with the Olympic Games was in Los Angeles, USA. Since then Omega has been introducing new limited edition watches for the Olympic Games. For over a few decades, Omega chronograph stopwatches have evolved from only sports timekeeping to the most state-of-the-art technology on precision and date handling in the world. 

There are a handful of remarkable watches under the collection of Omega Specialities:

Omega 1957 Trilogy

The Omega 1957 Trilogy Limited Edition is a special convention set that tribute to the legendary pieces launched in 1957. Back in 1957, Omega released three new innovative models: The Omega Seamaster 300, The Omega Railmaster and The Speedmaster. These watches have all become the collectors’ classics that hold the Omega legacy. 

In 2017 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of these models Omega released Omega 1957 Trilogy limited edition watch set. This product can be purchased all three together in a set or individually in case you just want one of them. Each model is limited to 3,557 pieces and is presented in a box inspired by the original 1957 packaging. 

For these watches, Omega has used advanced technology to offer the same dimension and the look of the watches to preserve the heritage of those 1957 watch models. 

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary limited edition

The most discussed watch of the trio is the Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary limited edition watch. The original 1957 Speedmaster CK2915 was the first Speedmaster that is worth over US$100,000 today. The Omega watch was the first chronograph watch to use the tachymeter scale bezel for race car drivers. In the remake model, the look is designed to resemble the original one remaining all the signature features. This 2017 Speedmaster model is powered by the robust Omega 1861 Caliber.

Omega Railmaster 60th Anniversary limited edition

Another next one from the collection of 1957 trilogy is Omega Railmaster 2017. The original watch CK 2914 was specially designed for the engineers and those who worked within the electric field. You can think of it as a peer of Rolex Milgauss. 

The 2017 Railmaster model is, of course, also an anti-magnetic watch with a double-case design. This Omega watch is powered by Master Chronometer 8806 movement can resist magnetic fields from 15,000 gauss. 

Omega Seamaster 300 60th Anniversary limited edition

The last watch from the Omega Special collection of the trio is The Seamaster 2017. It is a remake model of Omega's very first professional diver watch CK 2913. 

The 2017 Seamaster model from the trilogy has the almost identical look to CK2913. It features the same dial, broad arrow hands, and black bezel. It has also faithfully rendered the original Seahorse image crafted on the caseback. There is a small modification that the material of the black bezel insert has been changed to aluminum instead of bakelite. It is water resistant to 300m depth. The watch is powered by Omega Master Chronometer 8806 with the cutting edge technology.

The 1957 Trilogy set is a remarkably faithful remake of the original models. 

Omega is the watchmaker that is internationally recognized with a collection of watches dedicated for Olympic Games. As Omega has been the official timekeeper for almost every Olympic Game since 1932, the brand released its special edition watches for each game to celebrate its role. Each Olympic collection watch is very famous for their designs incorporating the Olympic elements.

Omega Olympic Official Timekeeper Collection

This set of watches is the tribute to Omega proud achievement of sports timekeeping. A timekeeper should be bold and clear in display. Omega took it as the inspiration and create this Co-Axial Chronograph watch with lacquered white dials and blue steel hands. The watches are practical, easy to read with elegant designs. 

There are three options for this collection: 38mm watch in 18k white gold and two 39mm models in 18k yellow gold and 18k pink gold. They are all cased in gold and feature leather straps. 

As we said limited, there are only 188 units produced for each watch in the collection. The caseback on the watches are engraved with the five rings of the Olympic Games, encircled by the words 'Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games'. There is also a limited edition number marked on the watch to complete the circle.

Seamaster Olympic Games Limited Edition Collection

This set of Olympic tribute Seamaster models are available in the colors of five Rings of the Olympic Games. Each model is limited to 2,032 pieces, representing the year 2032, which will be OMEGA’s 100th year anniversary as the Olympic Official Timekeeper.

The domed black and white dial features a pulse reader in its themed color. There are three narrowly-separated 20-second timing intervals to enable the wearer to check their pulse beats-per-minute easily. 

These watches are powered by Omega Master Chronometer calibre 8800. The caseback features an anodized aluminium ring with all the host cities and dates of the Olympic Games that Omega participated and will participate, from Los Angeles 1932 up to Los Angeles 2028. 

Omega PyeongChang Olympic 2018 Edition

A popular model of the Olympic collection is the PyeongChang Winter Olympic 2018 Limited Edition watch.

This edition is a Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M watch in limited edition. This watch features a unique look with the “PYEONGCHANG 2018” words marked on the dial. The words are written in five colors that represent the five-ring of Olympic games. This 2018 Olympic Seamaster watch has a transparent crystal caseback that also includes the official logo of “Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018”. Each watch of the model has a unique limited-edition number engraved in the watch. This watch is powered by Omega Master Co-Axial movement 8500.

These are some of the notable watches from Omega Special Collection.

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