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Omega Watches

Omega Constellation Watches

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The Omega Constellation was introduced five years earlier than Speedmaster in 1952. It is one of the brand’s longest running collections and the pioneer for Omega in watchmaking. It brought in a series of achievements for Omega by incorporating new technologies and movement before other collections. 

The Omega Constellation does not only produce watches for men but also offers beautiful watches for women with exquisite style, precision, and quality craftsmanship.

The Omega Constellation is another Omega dress watch line in a more luxury style. Its“Pie Pan” Constellation model with the ref. 168010 is amongst the most sought-after vintage Omega models. This model represents the beginning of the success of the Constellation collection. Another well-known model of the collection is the Omega Globemaster. It featured the most advanced Omega technology such as the in-house caliber 8900 with anti-magnetic function up to 15,000 gauss. 

When it comes to the beginning of Omega Constellation, we should date back to the year 1948. To celebrate Omega’s 100th anniversary, the brand introduced the limited edition watch Centenary in 1948. 

The Omega Centenary is the brand’s first chronometer-certified automatic watch. Receiving the positive responses from the market to its precision and practicality, Omega decided to launch a collection of chronometer watches with automatic movements to the style. 

Early Constellation Watches

In 1952, Omega officially launched the Constellation collection. It offers various options in different levels. Plain versions were available as the reference 2648 and 2652, while there are more deluxe models available as reference 2699 and 2700.

There are a few main features to distinguish the first Constellation watches. First of all, there is a star and the name marking above the 6 o’clock marker on the dial. It also displays a sealed case back medallion that features the Observatory of Geneva crowned by a constellation of eight stars. The image of the observatory was featured to celebrate Omega’s effort in chronometry and its world precision records set in 1933 and 1936 at Kew-Teddington. It reflects Omega’s high demand to itself for perfection on accuracy. 

Another special feature of the many early Constellation watches in the 50s and 60s was the domed dial that is usually called Constellation Pie Pan Dial. The dial has got this nickname since it looks just like an upturn pie pan with the raised central area and sloping peripheral chapter ring for the hour markers. 

The Constellation Pie Pan Dial models were known to be exquisite in the market due to the unique designs along with their remarkable mechanical core.

The Omega Constellation watches serve as a pioneer of advanced workmanship in its mechanics. The watches are equipped with automatic movements that are certified chronometers. They all perform outstandingly in terms of accuracy. 

The renowned Omega Pie Pan watches are still being highly admired in the market and remain active in the secondary market nowadays.

Omega Constellation Manhattan

In 1982, Omega released the flagship model, Constellation Manhattan, for the collection. Although it was sometimes mistakenly attributed to the famous designer Gérald Genta, the Omega Constellation Manhattan watch is designed by Carol Didisheim. 

The first Manhattan watch with reference DD 398.0866 brought in a new change in the brand's standard design with an eye-catching claw known as the "Griffes'' on the bezel. The Griffes are placed at the 3 o’clock and the 9 o’clock markers. They not only refined the look of the watch but also served the function of holding the sapphire crystal tight in place.

The initial Manhattan models were powered by the quartz movement ultra-slim ETA-based 1422 and the caliber 1431 movement. The 1431 movement was the world's first quartz movement that featured a servo-control system for the stepping motor. It made the use of the watch and saving of battery power saving a lot easier. 

Later in the year 1985, the Constellation Manhattan started to house an automatic calibre which afterward was chronometer-certified. At present, for the Constellation Manhattan family, Omega has now placed the full coaxial and Master Chronometer automatic movements, in both of the Constellation ladies and men’s watches. 

The brand relaunched this classic collection in 2009 with new and updated designs. The Omega Manhattan watch was subsequently introduced in a variety of colors, materials and modified versions, in both of its men's and women's watches. Yet the current models still maintain the iconic features of the very first Constellation Manhattan. 

Its elegant and classic design has been specifically popular among the ladies over the world. At present, most of the latest versions of the Constellation Manhattan watches are designed as the Omega watches for women. This particular collection rapidly grabbed the attention of many clientele from the new generation especially the business women. Of course, the collection’s signature features remain: the Hallmark of Omega Constellation – the five-pointed star above the 6 o’clock position on. The 4 claws are slightly refined which gives off an air of style and timelessness. The dial options are introduced in pleasant colors with elegance, including silver, brown, rose gold with diamonds, white mother of pearl, champagne and classic black. 

The Omega women watches have a variety of options in four different sizes of case consisting of 24 mm, 27 mm, 31 mm, and 35 mm. These watches are also available with different movements – either the Omega Co-Axial chronometer movement or the quartz movement.

Omega Constellation Globemaster

Omega Globemaster is a very new member of the Omega collection that was introduced in 2015. However, it carried on the rich history and legacy of Omega Constellation. It is the direct descendant of the original Omega Constellation of the 1950s and 1960s, with refining many unique features. 

The Constellation Globemaster features the iconic design characteristics of the first Constellation models. It has the famous 1950s pie-pan dial in the 39mm case. It also features the fluted bezel with rounded edges of the 1960’s Constellation models. 

The Globemaster is the first Omega watch to feature its Master chronometer. It carries the Omega calibre 8900/8901 that passed the test and is certified by METAS. This test proved its high performance on accuracy, power reserve, water-resistance, as well as the magnetic resistance up to 15,000 Gauss. The Globemaster watches are available in stainless steel, Sedna gold or classic gold. 

The Omega Constellation watches are available in a wide range of material and designs of the dial, catering different needs and tastes of wearers. The perfect aesthetics make Omega Constellation the best for all sorts of customers. It is ideal for your watch collection and will be perfect as an everyday watch for any occasions.

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