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The Omega De Ville collection was officially introduced in 1967 as the Omega dress watch line. It offers a sophisticated option as an alternative to the Omega sports watches. Omega De Ville represents an elegant lineage with its refined and classic design crafted with remarkable movements.

The Omega De Ville collection has successfully fulfilled the demands of watch enthusiasts who crave for elegant dress watches with high-quality craftsmanship. The Omega Deville watches strike as an ideal balance of classic without being too subtle. A handful of De Ville watches offer practical functions with exceptional movements, such as its famous annual calendar line. For decades, the Omega De Ville watch has achieved perfection and precision with elegance.

The Omega DeVille line offers plenty of elegant options for those looking for a more refined dress watch in the market. You might be surprised to learn that this dress watch was originally part of the Seamaster collection. The early De Ville models were released as the special edition of Seamaster, named “Seamaster Deville”. In 1967 the De Ville line was spun off individually as just Omega DeVille Collection. Since then it has become increasingly popular as a relatively affordable, but stylish Omega entry watch collection in the market. 

The Omega De Ville was introduced as an independent Omega collection with a goal to offer the market with a sophisticated substitute to its other sports watches i.e. the famous Seamaster diver watches and the Speedmaster Professional watches. Omega De Ville has been characterized by its discreet and classic design with a simple and clear dial pattern.

Omega De Ville watches signifies the cultivated beauty of the brand. It determines Omega as one of the leading watchmaker brands in the world. Let’s take a deeper look at the milestones of the profound Omega De Ville collection. 

Early Models

1960 – De Ville was introduced as a part of the Omega Seamaster line. It was presented as a Omega dress watch which was included as the special edition of Seamaster.

1963 – For the first time the Omega watch featured the name marking “Omega Seamaster De Ville” on the dial.

Official Launch of De Ville Collection

1967 – The very significant year that Omega De Ville was introduced as an independent line. It has, at a very fast pace, become one of the Omega's best selling collections. 

1970s – It is an era of the prominent phases of Omega De Ville. The watches of this collection were highly recognised in the industry and won many awards including six Baden-Baden Golden Rose Design awards. 

1999 – The Omega De Ville became the first Omega watch featuring the Co-Axial movement. It is a modern watch escapement mechanism invented by British watchmaker George Daniels. This exceptional mechanism was regarded as the first practical escapement in the history of watchmaking. The industrialisation of this new technology was a new revolution for not just the family and the brand but also for the whole industry as well. 

Updated Models of De Ville

2007 – In this year, Omega produced their new automatic Calibre 8500. It is a new Omega in-house automatic calibre that contains the co-axial escapement. It was equipped with one of the De Ville watches – Omega De Ville Hour Vision. This Omega watch was crafted with a complex level of workmanship along with an impressive dial which featured scratch resistant sapphire crystal. 

2020 – Omega released updated models for its popular Omega De Ville Prestige line in the collection. The classic De Ville Prestige line is enriched by the options of all-time classic colours and two-tone combinations.

At present, the Omega collection has been expanded with its various models like the Omega Tresor, Prestige, Hour Vision, Tourbillon models and more. 

They are not only limited as watches for men but also offer a wide range of Omega watches for women. Now, let’s explore some of the beautiful models from the Omega De Ville Collection.

Omega De Ville Prestige 

The Omega De Ville Prestige line was introduced in 1994. It has been a mainstay of Omega dress watch lineup, offering classic and discreet options at a more affordable price point than its other fellows such as Omega Constellation. 

One of the popular De Ville Prestige watches is reference 424. It is a 36.8 mm Omega watch presented in steel, yellow gold, rose gold, or two-tone (steel and yellow gold). It is now a rare model as one of the smallest Omega men’s watches. The watch housed the automatic Omega Caliber 2500 — the first Co-Axial movement of the brand. With such a high quality movement, the Omega watch displays a date function at its 3 o'clock position on the dial. It features the vintage-Seamaster-inspired hands representing the hours and minutes along with the chain-link bracelet.

Omega De Ville Hour Vision Annual Calendar 

The Omega De Ville Hour Vision line was released in 2007. Among the Hour Vision watches, the annual calendar models are its signature. The Omega annual calendar watches house Co-Axial calibre 8601. What distinguishes it from the others is its annual calendar display at its 3 o’clock marker on the dial. 

The Omega De Ville Hour Vision Annual Calendar watch offers various options with case sizes, dial colors and different numeral index designs. This Omega watch is simply marvelous and it is perfect for an ideal dress watch. 

The Omega De Ville Tresor

The original Omega Trésor was launched in 1949. It was a simple, three-hand Omega watch for men in a slim profile with its discreet design. The name Trésor means treasure, referring to the legendary calibre 30 of Omega. It was the best-performing movement at the time that set a new benchmark in the watchmaking industry. 

This vintage model was refreshed in 2014 in 40mm gold cases and featured Omega in-house Master Co-Axial calibre. Then in 2019, the stainless steel Omega Trésor was released and powered by the brand’s latest-generation Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement.

The new Omega Tresor is truly a perfect everyday watch for every occasion. It is not just an exquisite watch but is a functional one as well.

It is true that the Omega De Ville is sometimes overshadowed by other Omega sports watches. 

However, it is worth it to add a De Ville watch to your watch collection. Adorned with classic beauty, if you are fond of minimalist designs, the Omega De Ville is your perfect choice.

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