Bell & Ross: All About this Stylish Watch Brand

Bell & Ross has been renowned as a world leader in manufacturing professional-grade timepieces for military organizations and civilians. Founded in 1992, the brand has its corporate HQs in Paris and a production facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The flagship collections from Bell & Ross are Instruments, Urban and Vintage. The company also makes haute-horlogerie creations and concept watches.

Bell & Ross is a leading supplier of timepieces to prestigious organizations like GIGN (the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group), the French Air Force, the French Naval Aviation, the French National Police Intervention Group and etc. The brand has also proved its know-how in the dive watch segment by producing extreme underwater watches designed to withstand staggering pressures above 1,100 ATM.

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Bell & Ross Instruments


As the name suggests, this series is devoted to professionals like the aircrew, divers and enthusiasts of high-grade tool watches. The notable creations from this family are BR03 AUTO, BR03 DIVER, BR03 GMT, BR03 CHRONO, BRS AUTO and BRS QUARTZ. Inspired by aircraft cockpit instruments, these timepieces come with emblematic square-shaped cases with rounded dials.

BR03 AUTO is the purest form of a Bell & Ross instrument watch. Displaying the most essential functions, it has an easy-to-read three-hand dial layout with a date window at 4:30 position. Available in stainless steel and black ceramic versions, this model has a 42mm-diameter case. A prominent feature of this automatic watch is its dial design dominated by four Arabic numerals at cardinal points (3, 6, 9 and 12).

BR03 DIVER is the brand’s first diving square watch. Water resistant to 300 meters, this ISO 6425-compatible diving instrument is mainly available in stainless steel and ceramic case versions. The 42mm diameter square case is mounted with a round unidirectional rotating bezel in ceramic. They feature black, blue or white dials depending upon the model. The BR03 DIVER is also offered with a bronze case and brown dial.


Just like the other BR03 models, BR03 CHRONO retains the 42mm case size. It is available in dial colors like blue and black. Depending upon the version, the case material can be stainless-steel or black ceramic. Equipped with automatic chronograph movements, these military-grade instruments are both practical and utilitarian. This series also offers special models such as BR 03-94 Patrouille De France, BR 03-94 Multimeter, BR 03-94 A521 and BR 03-94 R.S.20.

Bell & Ross Urban

Dedicated to urban explorers and trendsetters, this series is comprised of contemporary styled wristwatches from the Bell and Ross BR05 collection. The prominent models are BR 05 AUTO, BR 05 GMT and BR 05 CHRONO.

The Bell & Ross BR 05 collection stands out with luxury-sports watch features like integrated case and bracelet, optimal size, relaxed style and high-quality finishing. The first model from this series is BR 05 AUTO, which displays time with the date window at 3 o’clock. It has a case diameter of 40mm, perfect for a stylistic urban timekeeper.

The Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT is an ideal timepiece for globetrotters and professionals, who regularly track multiple time zones. In addition to the hour, minute and seconds function, BR 05 GMT indicates a subsidiary time zone with an arrow-hand and 24-H inner bezel. It displays the date function at 3 o’clock. With a case diameter of 41mm, this automatic dual-time watch is presently available in stainless steel with a black or white dial.

The Bell & Ross BR 05 CHRONO is an ultimate timekeeper for fast-moving urban lifestyle and sports activities. Driven by an automatic chronograph movement this 42mm watch is available in stainless-steel with jet black, navy blue or silver opaline dial. The brand is also offering a limited edition featuring a bi-metal case (steel + gold) and brown dial. BR 05 CHRONO features rounded-square sub-dials at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, respectively for the running seconds and chronograph 30 minutes. It displays the date at 4:30 position.

All the BR05 watches are water resistant up to 100 meters. Fitted on integrated bracelets in metal or rubber, these sporty-elegant timepieces come with the characteristic “round within the square” cases inspired by the cockpit instruments.

Bell & Ross Vintage

This collection typically consists of vintage-styled tool watches like BR V1 AUTO, BR V2 AUTO, BR V2 GMT, BR V2 CHRONO and BR V3 CHRONO. Paying tribute to military aviators, these timekeepers feature round-shape cases.

BR V1 AUTO is a minimalistic tool watch with three centre hands and a date window at 4:30 position. Dressed in a 38.5mm diameter case made of stainless steel, this model is available in matte-black and blue-sunray dial versions.

In addition to the time and date display, BR V2 AUTO features a bi-directional rotating bezel for measuring elapsed periods. It has a 41mm diameter case. The steel bezel is topped with anodized aluminium bezel-insert in black or blue color, depending upon the version. This stainless-steel watch is available in black, blue, matte-grey, military beige, military green, orange and full lume dial versions. Limited to 500 pieces, the Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Full Lum model comes with a luminescent green dial with Super-LumiNova® coating.

BR V2 GMT is an automatic dual-time watch with a centrally placed GMT hand, external 24-hour bezel and date at 4:30 position. It is currently available in stainless steel versions with a 41mm diameter case and dual-toned bezel. Depending upon the model, it comes with a blue-sunray or black dial.

The collection also offers two chronograph models: BR V2-94 with 41mm case and BR V3-94 with 43mm case. Depending upon the version, they are fitted with a tachymeter or countdown (0 to 60H) bezel. The case is made of stainless steel or bronze. These aviation-themed automatic chronographs feature the classic bi-compax dial design. The centre chronograph seconds hand stands out with an aircraft-shaped counterweight.

All the Bell & Ross Vintage watches are water resistant to 100 meters. They are available with precious metal, leather, fabric and rubber strap options.

Other collections

Bell & Ross BRS AUTO: This series is comprised of 39mm versions of the Bell & Ross tool-watches featuring square-shaped cases. Driven by automatic movement, BRS AUTO displays the hour, minute, seconds and date. It is ideal for those who typically prefer smaller and sleeker wristwatches that can be also paired with formal outfits.

Bell & Ross BRS QUARTZ: Bell & Ross is also offering quartz watches based on its iconic aircraft cockpit panel-inspired aesthetics. These models have 39mm diameter cases. They are available in various case finishes, dial colors and diamond-set editions.

Haute-Horlogerie: This prestigious line-up includes high-end watches like BR X1 and BR X2 Tourbillons.

Concept: This collection primarily offers ultra-modern and highly valued timepieces like Cyber Skull Sapphire and Laughing Skull. 


All Bell & Ross watches faithfully incorporate the brand’s four key principles: Legibility, water resistance, functionality and precision. These Swiss-made timepieces are manufactured according to the most exacting military-grade specifications. The Bell & Ross HK retail price range of the standard collection is HK$16,000 to HK$50,000. The high-end models like BR-X Tourbillon, Cyber Sapphire Skull and Diamond-set Laughing Skull maintain a price range of HK$100,000 to HK$4,000,000.

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