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Diesel Watches

Know More About Diesel Watches

History of Diesel

In 1976, Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel began his illustrious career as a denim jeans specialist in a textile company called Moltex. In a short time, Renzo acquired a significant holding of this company from its owner. Subsequently, the Moltex Company has changed its name to Diesel. In 1985, Renzo Rosso became the sole owner of the company after purchasing left-over assets. Following this take-over, the Diesel brand continued to grow progressively with more global exposure thanks to creativeness and entrepreneurial leadership of Rosso.

Since long time, Diesel has been universally considered as an alternative fuel to petrol/gasoline. It is no surprise that Renzo Rosso has selected the name Diesel for his alternative fashion brand. Since its creation, Diesel has evolved from being a leading pioneer in denim into a premium casual wear label, becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market.

In 2000, Renzo Rosso took over licensing company Staff International.A couple of years after this strategic acquisition, Rosso created a holding company named Only The Brave. Under the eminent leadership of Renzo Rosso, this new business conglomerate has acquired more brands like Maison Martin Margiela, Viktor & Rolf and Marni.The Diesel brand also came under the newly established parent company, which has been known as OTB group since 2013.

Along with strengthening its worldwide retail network to promote diverse clothing lines, Diesel has also ventured into diversifying its brand. The company's ambitious aim was to profit its enduring popularity by creating Diesel branded Eyewear, fragrance, jewellery and watches. For this, the company has licensed out its label to world’s renowned companies specialized in the lifestyle products and fashion accessories sector.

The Texas (USA) based Fossil Group, Inc. is one of the largest watch and lifestyle accessories manufactures in the world. In addition to its own brands, the Fossil Group undertakes design, production and distribution of watch collections on behalf of other companies including some of the iconic fashion houses. Renzo Rosso has entrusted Fossil Group to design and produce Diesel watches.

All About Diesel Watches

Diesel watches are typically known for their rebellious design features as well as for the bold and youthful appeal. The brand is a pioneer in over-sized watch category. Usually, any wristwatch with case diameters above 44 mm typically comes under the over-size category. Diesel offers mens watches with diameters above 44mm. Some of them are unusually big, with diameters 60mm and above. These bold-sized watches come with different case sizes, colors and materials. The watches are also available with secondary functions like day-date, time-zones or chronograph.

For men, Diesel produces an extensive range of analog-quartz watches consisting of more than a dozen of different collections. All of them are bold sized and extremely masculine. The men’s flagship models are Mega Chief, Master Chief, Uber Chief, Mr Daddy, Mini Daddy, Little Daddy, MS-9, Rasp, Double Down, Boltdown, Stigg, Griffed, Overflow, Armbar, D-48 and BAMF. From these remarkable collections, you won’t find any wristwatch with classic proportions. Instead, they are strangely massive and bold.

A number of Diesel watches for men come with some unexpected combination of functions and details. The Mr. Daddy 2.0 Multifunction watch, which has a colossal 57mm case, displays four independent time-zones and date. Another uncommon model called Little Daddy Multifunction has a very unusual 61mm diameter case. This wristwatch displays chronograph, date and two independent time-zones. Dressed in a 56mm diameter case, the Diesel Boltdown multi-function watch incorporates chronograph, date and two independent time-zones. Diesel also offers chronograph watch models without additional time-zones function.

Each of the above watches has its own style when it comes to the positioning of crowns and pushers. For example, the Mr. Daddy 2.0 Multifunction watch has four crowns and two chronograph pushers. The respective crowns of three additional time-zones are placed at left side of the case. The main crown and pushers are positioned at the right side. Similarly, the Boltdown model has two crowns at left-side of the case. Its main crown and two pushers are placed at right side. Further, some chronograph models feature the crown and two pushers at left side of the case. Some dual time-zone models come with two crowns: main crown at right side of the case and the crown for additional time-zone at left-side. The Diesel watches with time-only or time with date function usually feature crown at right side.

The primary material used for crafting Diesel watch is stainless steel. Most Diesel watches have stainless steel cases with attractive options like silver, black, gun-metal, gold toned and many other colors/shades. They also highlight eye-catching combinations of dissimilar colors. The watches are available with simple dial lay-outs or with multi-layer designs incorporating several functions. Front glass is typically mineral crystal. The brand offers a number of strap options like metal bracelet, leather, silicone, fabric and polyurethane.

The Diesel watches blend various design patterns inspired by casual fashion, automobiles and industrial world. Some timepieces have a water resistance of 100 meters, making them suitable for recreational water sports and swimming. For ladies, Diesel offers quartz analog watch models like Callie, Castilia and Caterina.

The brand also markets two fashionable digital watch collections offering various models for both ladies and gents. The Diesel Chopped line offers quartz movement powered, energetic digital watches featuring rectangular, colored cases and fitted with silicone or Polyurethane straps. The Diesel crusher is an impressive collection of round-cased digital watches.

For tech-savvy fashionistas, Diesel offers bold and stylish smart-watches suitable for both men and women. Typically powered with Wear OS by Google, these connected watches provide multiple functions including fitness, health monitoring apps and other notifications. Presently, the brand offers three smart-watch families: Axial, Fadelite and Full Guard.

In 2018, Diesel announced its first collection of blue transparency watches. Inspired by the indigo dyeing of jeans, blue transparency is a natural design evolution for Diesel, a premium brand rooted in denim culture. With transparent cases and straps that fade from blue to crystal clear, these new watches display vintage cream pops on dials, inspired by denim stitching.

Diesel also creates limited edition watches. One such example is the Mega Chief Concrete watch. Released in 2019 and limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, this watch features a massive 51mm diameter case made from concrete. Introduced in 2020, the Diesel MDJ Fadelite is a limited edition smartwatch created in collaboration with digital artist Mad Dog Jones.

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