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Rolex Watches

History of Rolex Submariner

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner was introduced in 1953 as a line of sports watches. Known for their water resistance, the Rolex Submariner is considered as one of the best dive watches.

The pioneer of dive watches, Rolex's iconic Submariner inspires numerous watches across the globe that come after it. The very first Submariner model was produced in 1953 and debuted at the Basel Watch Fair a year after. Part of Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual range, the Submariner is a sports watch intended for diving with its remarkable water and corrosion resistance. It is one of the most representative watches of the 20th century and deemed a true classic in the world of wristwatches.

It is well known that Rolex is a company that loves to experiment and this is proven by the many inventive pieces we see throughout all the references. No wonder why the collection of Submariners is often accompanied by great satisfaction and excitement. The Submariner is among the most successful watches Rolex has ever produced, and it is much more than just a dive watch. Although the Submariner’s scene-stealing cameos on the James Bond movies helped it garner wide popularity, this is all credited to its innate beauty. A truly classic and elegant piece, the Submariner is one that you wish to sit on your wrist all day long, and look at and admire even if you don’t wish to read the time.

As Rolex’s pioneering invention, the Submariner is the first dive watch to have a water-resistance down to 100m/300ft. Its rotating bezel allows easy reading of the time even when underwater, the most notable feature that gave the watch immense success. It is still uncertain and debated whether the 6200 reference or 6204 was introduced first, but 6200’s 369 Explorer dial and non-identical movement sets it apart from both 6204 and 6205. However, no conclusions can be made as we do not hear definite answers from Rolex’s Geneva headquarters.

Although the 6204 reference was commercially released to the public in 1954, the 6200 is the more coveted one, by both collectors and fans. Designed with a thick case and large crown of up to 8mm for divers to wear over chunky gloves, it is commonly referred to as the Big Crown. Besides 6200, other references such as the 6538, A/6538 and 5510 all fall into the Big Crown’s league.

Remarkable Features of Submariner Watches

Some of the remarkable features of the current Submariner models are as follows: first, possessing a water-resistance down to 300m/1,000ft, an improvement from earlier references which were thinner and waterproof for only 200m/660ft. Next, a triplock crown system which includes three gaskets, identifiable from the three dots on top of the crown, is used to guarantee waterproofness. It also features a screw-down winding crown to offer additional water-resistance of the Oyster case for diving activities. The case is made of corrosion-resistant 904L stainless steel or white or yellow gold that is cast in Rolex's own facility. When tracking dive time, the unidirectional bezel goes only anticlockwise, leading divers to surface sooner but never later than planned even if the bezel is unexpectedly moved, thus preventing danger. Until 2007, the watch also used to feature a hologram on the back case which can be removed. Equipped with a perpetual rotor, the Submariner is a self-winding watch that runs by the motion of the wrist as the rotor stores the generated energy in the mainspring. It can function for days even if it is left sitting idle. Every one of such Perpetual Movement receives a certification from the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

The later Submariner models from 2008, date or no-date, are characteristic of the ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX and serial number engravings which can be found on the rehaut, in French, or flange in English, meaning the inner bezel. At the 6 o'clock position, one can spot a mini laser-etched crown on the crystal that is a Rolex authentication seal.

Notable Rolex Submariner Models

Here are the brief introductions of some of the Submariner references:

Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV

Not so commonly spotted out there, Rolex’s Submariner 116610LV Hulk is just that special. The model appears considerably larger and thicker than its counterparts with its uniquely refashioned green ceramic bezel, hence earning it the nickname of “Rolex Hulk”. Despite the bold look, it shares the same 40mm case and comes with a green dial featuring 18K white gold hour markers, finished in the Sunburst style no different from that of a blue dial.

Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN

When speaking of a flawless creation, one is reminded of the modern classic of the Rolex Submariner 116610LN. The design of the sports watch is fused with an air of professionalism. Featuring a distinctive Rolex black dial, it comes with 18K gold hour markers that are made to last. Other details include the Rolex Calibre 3135 movement and the Oyster bracelet. From the form, functionality to wearing comfort, this model can perfectly satisfy your every need.

Rolex Submariner 114060

There aren’t many timepieces out there that can be a match for the Rolex Submariner 114060. Commonly known as the Rolex Submariner No Date (the only model which excludes the date function), it is the foundation piece of the collection. It gives an imposing look from its moderately squarish design and thick, large lugs. The black dial is set against the ceramic bezel insert, one that is designed with greater scratch-resistance and to offer an elegant shine under the light. Rolex’s Chromalight display encased by an 18K white gold frame promises enhanced legibility for divers when underwater.

Buy a Rolex Submariner Now

The Rolex Submariner is truly one of a kind, and it does not cease to impress with its continuous technological improvements and inventive additions. Some members of the collection may even come with features that are both surprising and intriguing, such as the Explorer 369 dial designed for military use, and the depth ratings which are feet first as opposed to meters first. From a shiny dial to a matte dial, or minute track to no-minute track, there are so many styles to choose from, and there will surely be one that suits you.

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