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Cvstos Watches


History of Cvstos

Cvstos was co-founded by Sassoun Sirmakes and Antonio Terranova in 2005. Since their youthful age, both of them have been attached to the fascinating world of high-end horology.

Sassoun Sirmakes is the son of Vartan Sirmakes, owner and chairman of the Franck Muller Watchland Group. Before venturing into his own luxury watch brand, Sassoun Sirmakes had perfected his business skills in the world-renowned watch manufacture founded by his father. One of his achievements during his tenure at Franck Muller Watchland was the restructuring of a small gem-setting department into a large-scale company. In 2004, Sassoun Sirmakes decided to set up an independent watch brand.

Antonio Terranova is a talented watch designer who has an impressive experience in the luxury watch industry. He is an acknowledged expert in handling both technical and design aspects of luxury watches. During the initial stages of his professional life, Antonio had been working as a technical specialist in the research & development departments of manufactures like Prodor SA and TAG-Heuer. He had also worked as a freelance designer for various major Swiss watch brands like Breitling, Ebel and Zenith.

To establish their innovative brand, the founders have naturally selected Geneva, which has been renowned as the birth place of many prestigious watch manufactures. The brand operates its business HQs and a horology atelier from a traditional building near rue Voltaire in Geneva while Château de Prevessin, the industrial facility of Cvstos, is located near the Swiss-border.

Although a young player in the industry, Cvstos holds a greater technical know-how in the art of high-end horology. It offers exclusive mechanical wristwatches equipped with simple time-keeping functions to extremely complex mechanisms like chronograph, minute repeater, perpetual calendar and tourbillon.

Most Cvstos timepieces generally sport masculine and highly recognizable barrel shaped (Tonneau) case design. The brand offers three types of Tonneau cases: CHALLENGE and CHALLENGE GT for gent’s watches and RE-BELLE for ladies’ models.

Cvstos Watch Models and Collections

The independent Swiss brand also creates a number of cvstos watch models with round or square case. The EVOSQUARE family offers watches with square cases while the collections CHALLENGE-R and CHALLENGE-R 50 offer models with round case with diameters.

Since its establishment in 2005, Cvstos has been associated with high-horology connoisseurs with a passion for luxurious, sporty and adventurous lifestyle. The young prestige brand’s timepieces draw their design inspiration from architecture, motor racing, nautical sports or aviation.

In 2014, Cvstos introduced the limited edition Gustave Eiffel model as a tribute to French visionary civil engineer Gustave Eiffel. In the following year, cvstos expanded this prized collection with the Gustave Eiffel Tourbillon watch. The brand has also created two special edition timepieces — a chronograph and a flying tourbillon — in collaboration with renowned Dutch interior designer Eric Kuster.

The Challenge Sea-Liner and the Challenge-Yachting collections by cvstos watches the excitement associated with the recreational sailing activities like yachting or more challenging ocean-sports like regatta.

The Challenge Sea-Liner watches derive inspiration from the fast and sleek open yachts that embark on world’s most bustling ocean resorts. This nautical-life inspired collection offers a comprehensive range of timekeepers including some extra-ordinary complication watches.

The Sealiner QP MAREA model displays perpetual calendar, moon phases and Atlantic Ocean Tidal Cycle Indicator. The cvstos sealiner regatta watch with chronograph and Regatta countdown indicator is a useful timepiece for skippers and navigators during sailing competitions.

The Challenge Yachting Tourbillon-S and the Challenge Sea-Liner Double Tourbillon models are ideally suitable for the glamorous lifestyle associated with luxurious yachts. Apart from these multi-complication watches, the Challenge Sea-Liner collection aslo offers various nautical wristwatch models equipped with additional functions like GMT or chronograph.

Launched in 2013, the Challenge Dani Pedrosa limited edition watch was born from the brand’s partnership with Spanish MotoGP racer Dani Pedrosa. Equipped with an automatic chronograph movement, this ultra-lightweight technical timepiece takes its inspiration from the exhilarating, fast-paced world of motor-racing. The brand’s earlier stints with the world of Motor-sports include the collaborations with Modena Car Racing and Italian sports car manufacturer Pagani.

The Jetliner collection from Cvstos pays tribute to the world of travel and the glamour of private aviation. Cvstos has also created a collaborative project — the Inkvaders — in partnership with Swiss tattoo artist Christian Nguyen.The exclusive ‘Proud to be Russian’ series has been endorsed by Gérard Depardieu, the acclaimed French actor.

In the production of high-complication watches, the brand has already proved their immense expertise and technical know-how. In every Cvstos watch, the open-worked dial structure and clear sapphire crystals enable the wearer to admire the tantalizing motions of highly complex horological mechanisms. The Minute Repeater Tourbillon-S is probably the most complicated watch ever made by Cvstos. In this timepiece, the independent watch manufacture incorporated two most challenging traditional complications – Minute Repeater and Flying Tourbillon – into a sporty, avant-garde styled Tonneau case.

In the cvstos challenge CTRS watch, the brand has succeeded to merge four patented mechanisms: Mysterious tourbillon, Reversed fly back chronograph mechanism, In-line chronograph clutch by interaxial variation and Hammer insulator. In 2019, Cvstos created another world premier watch, the Double Differential Tourbillon-S - in partnership with Swiss high-complication movement specialist Telos Watch.

The Re-Belle by Cvstos is a distinct watch collection exclusively dedicated to women. These luxurious ladies’ automatic timepieces proudly highlight one of the hallmark designs of the brand - the Tonneau-shaped case, but with smaller proportions. Available with diamond-set versions, the collection also offers variations with colored semi-precious stones like Sapphires and Tsavorites.

What Makes a Cvstos Watch?

For manufacturing its avant-garde timepieces, Cvstos makes use of the most innovative materials like Titanium, Carbon, Nitril (NBR®) and Ergal. The experienced craftsmen at the manufacture successfully juxtaposes these aero-space grade materials with traditional ones like Steel, gold and platinum. The rotors of self-winding movements are made with an exclusive Tungsten 88 & Titanium technology alloy for ensuring a more constant acceleration of the oscillating weight. Moreover, the brand is a leading specialist in blending different materials and various color treatments within a single timepiece. The screws feature an exclusive cvstos technology pattern.

Cvstos Attends the WPHH

Although an independent company, Cvstos is a regular exhibitor the WPHH (World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie) exhibition established by Franck Muller Watchland.

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