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Rolex Watches

Introduced in 1992, the Rolex Yacht Master was inspired by the spirit of the sailor. The Yacht Master is the only Rolex Oyster Perpetual Professional model that offers 3 sizes: Yacht Master 35 mm, Yacht Master 37 mm and Yacht Master 40 mm.

Speaking of Rolex, it is a brand that never fails to surprise us with its awesome watches. Each and every one of its new arrivals is a pleasant surprise to the world of luxury watches, and the Yacht Master is no exception. 

Let us learn more about this model by looking at its history. Debuted in 1992, the Rolex Yacht Master was designed as a sports watch. If you are familiar with Rolex, you will know that it is fairly rare for the brand to release a brand new model. Before the Yacht Master, the last newly introduced model was Daytona from 1964. It had taken Rolex 28 years to gift us with a new series in its wristwatch family. 

This new Yacht Master came with the reference 16628 and is crafted in 18K yellow gold. It features a white dial and is equipped with the Caliber 3135 movement and a Triplock crown system. The Yacht Master is strikingly similar to the Submariner from its look. However, unlike the Submariner, The Yacht Master only has a water resistance of 100m. It is not intended for diving use but is positioned as a racing watch. 

In the year 1994, Rolex unprecedentedly issued a smaller size of the professional Yacht Master. It comes in two different models: Yacht Master 69628 specially designed for ladies; and a mid-sized Yacht Master 68628 for men. Two years later, they are available in the two-tone style, a combination of stainless steel and 18K yellow gold for the first time. 

In 1997, Rolex introduced another style option to the collection. Rolesium, a combination of 904L stainless steel and 950 platinum, was patented by Rolex back in the early 1930s. It is now exclusively used for the Yacht Master model and has become one of its signature features. The Yacht Master in Rolesium comes with a platinum bezel and dial, while the bracelet, watch case, and the crown are in stainless steel. This unique style is also referred to as the Platinum Yacht Master and is available for various references including the Yacht Master 16622 (40 mm men’s watch), Yacht Master 16922 (29 mm ladies’ watch) and Yacht Master 168622 (35 mm mid-size watch). In 1999, the two-tone Yacht Master 68623 was discontinued and replaced by a new two-tone model Yacht Master 168623 a year after. 168623 is powered by an upgraded movement. It also features heavier 18K gold links which are different from the hollow links of 68623.

The last member of the Yacht Master family is Rolex Yacht Master ‘Rolesor' 16623, a two-tone watch in steel and gold. It is available in a range of dial options including white, blue, silver, brown, champagne as well as mother of pearls. 

Back in the early 1990s, it was unexpected for Rolex to offer a completely new line of collection since the Yacht Master was born as a redesigned version of the Submariner. But we can conclude that we are all satisfied with how it turned out to be. The much-loved Submariner will remain unchallenged and keep its highly iconic look and identity, and we are gifted with a new and more luxurious collection that is the Rolex Yacht Master. 

Here is a list of the Rolex Yacht Master references available at the time:

Men Rolex Yacht Master 116622 40 mm Rolesium (Stainless Steel and Platinum)

Men Rolex Yacht Master 116623 40 mm Rolesor (Stainless Steel and Gold)

Mid-size Rolex Yacht Master 168622 35 mm Rolesium (Stainless Steel and Platinum)

Mid-size Rolex Yacht Master 168623 35 mm Rolesor (Stainless Steel and Gold)

Ladies Rolex Yacht Master 169622 29 mm Rolesium (Stainless Steel and Platinum)

Ladies Rolex Yacht Master 169623 29 mm Rolesor (Stainless Steel and Gold) 

All Rolex Yacht Master models share a characteristic bi-directional bezel, a feature designed for measuring the duration of time between two points. Each watch is built with a Rolex’s patented Oyster case and the Rolex Oyster bracelet. Featuring a blue Parachrom hairspring, the Yacht Master boasts good resistance to magnetic fields as well as shock, promising long-lasting durability and precision. The 35 mm and 29 mm Rolex Yacht Masters run on the Caliber 2235 movement, while the 40 mm Rolex Yacht Masters run on the Caliber 3135 movement.

In recent years, Rolex continues to take the Yacht Master to the next level both in its functions and features. For instance, the Yacht Master 116622 which was introduced in 2012 is considered a true classic despite the fact that it is a fairly new model compared to other Rolex vintages. The combination of stainless steel and platinum and the cobalt blue sunray dial has captivated the hearts of many.

In 2015, a new Everose gold version was introduced to the Yacht Master family with Yacht Master 116655 and the first 37 mm model 268655. The new watch size is meant for both men and women as indicated on Rolex’s official website, proof that the Yacht Master is a masterpiece for all and it shall not be bound by genders.

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