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History of Rolex Lady Datejust

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust is one of the most classic and elegant lady watches from Rolex. For over 60 years, the Rolex Lady Datejust has been produced in a great variety of styles.

“A crown for every achievement”, as they say. This well-known company slogan of Rolex perfectly sums up what the brand has to offer: a symbol of success that you can wear on your wrist; elegance that you can own; the ultimate satisfaction everyone longs for. Rolex is undisputedly one of the most revered and trusted brands in the world of luxury watches. It is among the first names that come up when you think of the perfect timepiece, proof that it has been infused in your heart even if you have never noticed. Rolex surpasses any other luxury watch brand by the number of watches it manufactures each year, and even so continues to make an impact on the world with its countless innovations and engineering excellence.

Rolex has developed and produced numerous classic watches since its birth, among which the Datejust has been an outstanding brand icon for over 70 years. In 1945, the Datejust was introduced as Rolex’s first ever automatic wristwatch with a self-changing date feature, a revolutionary innovation that shook all the watchmakers in the luxury world and soon became an industry standard. The Datejust first came out as a men's watch. A decade later, Rolex started manufacturing women's timepieces, and in 1957, the Lady Datejust as the official lady version of the much-loved Datejust chronometer was born. Containing the same features as the male version, the Lady Datejust was purposefully resized to fit the slimmer wrist of a lady, most notably the smaller watch case. You can now find the Rolex Lady Datejust in three different case sizes: specifically 26mm, 28mm, and 31mm. Rest assured that the small size does not mean any compromise on the precision, performance or function. It is powered by Caliber 2235, a self-winding mechanical movement developed by Rolex. It also features a Cyclops lens over the date window for easy readability.

You will be surprised by the variety of styles the Lady Datejust offers. It comes in a range of materials such as 904L stainless steel, platinum, 18K yellow gold and Everose gold, or a mix of these to form the iconic Rolex Rolesor. On top of this, there is a generous variety of dial colors and bracelets to choose from. Not to mention the embellishments of meteorites, mother of pearls, diamonds, floral patterns and many more. To conclude, the Lady Datejust is here to satisfy the wants and preferences of everyone; you can always find one that best suits your personality and individuality. It simply cannot disappoint.

Without further ado, let us now take a look at some of the aesthetically built models from the Rolex Lady Datejust range:

Rolex Lady Datejust Watches

Rolex Lady Datejust 28 – Platinum Strap and Ice Blue Dial (Ref: 279136RBR)

Featuring a 28mm high-quality 950 platinum case, this beauty shines with the diamond set bezel that instantly catches one’s attention. The ice blue dial is adorned by star-shaped diamond hour markers which resemble sparkling stars against the night sky. The bracelet is in the recognizable Rolex’s president style with semi-circular three-piece links. It is equipped with Caliber 2236, the new generation of Rolex’s self-developed automatic mechanical movement.

Rolex Lady Datejust 28 – Everose Gold Strap and Aubergine Dial (Ref: 178271-0072G)

This beautiful two-tone piece is made of Everose gold, an 18K pink gold alloy with elegant sparkling brilliance. The dial in aubergine, a gorgeously radiant purple color, is enhanced by rose gold and diamond hour markers fitted in a dome-shaped bezel for a perfectly well-finished look. It is powered by Caliber 2235.

Rolex Lady Datejust 28 – Yellow Rolesor Strap and Mint Green (Ref: 279383RBR-0013G)

Cladded in an Oystersteel and 18K yellow gold 28mm case, this exemplary piece is consistent with the two-tone design with the Rolesor bracelet in alternate colors. The alluring mint green dial is delicately set with diamonds and surrounded by a diamond bejeweled bezel for a charmingly contrasting look. This timepiece not only impresses with its uncompromised functionality, but it is also a perfect go-to piece that can effortlessly elevate your feminine beauty.

Rolex Lady Datejust 28 – Everose Gold Strap and Olive Green Dial (Ref: 279171-0007G)

This 28mm midsize Lady Datejust is the perfect choice if you opt for a more mature and luxurious look. The gentle hue of the olive-green dial is complemented by embedded diamond hour markers to catch the eye. The scintillating charm is further enhanced by the diamond encrusted bezel. The bracelet is a beautiful 18K Everose gold that mesmerizes with a subtle sheen. The moment you set eyes on this beauty, you can instantly tell that it’s nothing but a true classic.

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As expected, Rolex endeavors to draw everyone’s attention, men and women alike, regardless of where they reside, with its unparalleled classy and modular designs. We can be sure to claim that it’s much more than just a brand. Rolex’s timepieces give you a sense of feeling unfound in other brands. With an intrigued mind, come explore the many beautiful creations from the Lady Datejust collection, brought to you by the one and only stalwart – Rolex. It is a timepiece that makes you feel incredibly proud, and lets you flaunt your unmatched style wherever you go.

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