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History of Rolex Sky Dweller

Launched in 2012, the Rolex Sky Dweller is the practical travel watch for global travelers. The Sky Dweller is equipped with a dual-time zone display and an annual calendar. It is the only Rolex watch with such a complicated movement.

Rolex is a brand that never disappoints. Purchasing a Rolex timepiece is much more than just acquiring a tool or earning the status of a Rolex owner, but an investment into an exceptional design. Few models can illustrate this better than the Rolex Sky Dweller. Its newly introduced movement is the most complicated Rolex has ever developed, making it the most complex mechanical watch in the Rolex family. To some people, they find the Sky Dweller possessing a slightly contradictory character.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky Dweller is an all-new collection released in 2012 at the Baselworld. It soon caught the attention of many since Rolex had not released a new watch collection in over a decade. At its initial debut it was only available in gold. This special timepiece is positioned as a luxury watch that stands out from all the other sports watches from Rolex. It resembles the classic Rolex Day Date by its look, but in terms of functions it is one of a kind with its brand new movement that powers the display of both an annual calendar and double time zones.

Features of Rolex Sky Dweller

The Second Time Zone Display

The Sky Dweller is a true revolutionary masterpiece as it carries 14 patents in its construction and among which five are new. There are in particular three major features that distinguish the Sky Dweller from Rolex’s previous models, namely the annual calendar, the dual time zone display, and the 24-hour display.

Wearers can conveniently tell the time of two different time zones with the Sky Dweller. The local time is indicated by the main dial with conventional hour, minute and seconds hands. There is also a date window displaying the date of the local time zone. As for the second time zone, it is indicated by the off-center rotating disc with 24 hour markers and can be read using the inverted red triangle fixed on the dial. The 24 hour disc design also allows users to easily tell whether it is day or night in the other time zone.

The Annual Calendar Display

The calendar feature is not new from Rolex, but for the Sky Dweller a new mechanism known as SAROS is employed. The name of SAROS originates from the Greek term that represents the cycle of the sun, earth, and moon. This new system allows wearers to adjust the date only once a year in February. It can accurately calculate and display the irregular dates of 30 or 31 days for the following months. Besides the date, the month is also shown by the 12 discreet apertures on the dial in a different color: the three o'clock mark representing March, the five o'clock mark representing May, etc.

The Ring Command Bezel

With these many special functions, some may wonder how complicated it may be to set the individual function. But such worry is completely ungrounded when it is Rolex that we are talking about. The fluted Ring Command bezel is part of what makes the Sky Dweller such a unique masterpiece. The bezel can be easily rotated anti-clockwise to any one of the three positions to select the date, local or reference time. After selecting the function, it can be quickly adjusted by the winding crown. What makes things simpler is that the crown has only one setting position so there is no mistaking what needs to be done. Such an intuitive design and the directness in its control signify that the Sky Dweller is a truly user-friendly watch.

Other Features

The Rolex 9001 movement is a newly engineered movement for the Sky Dweller. Just like any other Rolex Perpetual movements, 9001 has been certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) and is prized for its high precision. It is fitted by Rolex’s in-house blue Parachrom hairspring and comes with an escape wheel made of paramagnetic material. 9001 has a extended power reserve and can last for three full days, i.e. 72 hours.

With a case size of 42mm in diameter, the Sky Dweller is considered quite big among all of Rolex’s wristwatches. It has a 100m water resistance, and is equipped with a Paraflex shock absorber as well as a huge variable inertia balance wheel. The dial comes in multiple variations such as ivory, champagne or black. The Oyster bracelet is available in white or yellow gold with a folding clasp. There is also an Everose gold version that comes with a brown alligator leather strap.

Unparalleled Sky Dweller Watches

Despite the complexity, it does not stop the Sky Dweller Rolex from being a really interesting timepiece for Rolex’s fans. The model is designed for global travelers to offer both utility and a symbol of prestige and status endorsed by Rolex. It is everything one could have wished for as a tool that tells time. The unparalleled design and revolutionary engineering also make the Sky Dweller a killer investment that is hard to find elsewhere.

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