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Marc By Marc Jacobs Watches

Marc By Marc Jacobs Watches

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The Marc by Marc Jacobs watches have been well-liked by style conscious consumers who appreciate the carefree spirit of the so-called American life style popularized by the brand. Manufactured by the most experience hands, these high-quality fashion watches blend youthful design with functionality. Most of these timepieces purposefully incorporate some bolder elements on their dial or bezel, for aesthetic or functional purposes. Offering a multitude of casual wristwatch models highlighting various aspects of the fashion world, this label typically serves to young generation who follow the happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

History of Marc by Marc Jacobs

In 1984, Marc Jacobs made his business debut by setting up his own fashion house in partnership with Robert Duffy. His eponymous label became an influential and internationally acclaimed lifestyle brand within a short span of time.

In 2001, Marc Jacobs International introduced a secondary brand Marc by Marc Jacobs to serve a larger customer base. This diffusion line was created to market ready-to-wear collections for men, women and children as well as other fashion goods and accessories. Affordably priced, this line was an instant hit.

In 2004, the brand signed a partnership with Fossil Group to develop and distribute Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs branded watches. The Marc by Marc Jacobs watch line made its debut in 2006. It is a much larger and diverse collection in comparison with marc jacobs branded watches.

In 2019, Marc Jacobs International assigned Detroit-based Bedrock Company as the new license holder for developing and distributing their timepieces.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch Collections

Every Marc by Marc Jacobs watch model has been named after an informal expression or a nickname. The fashion label offers almost all styles for wristwatches: classic, trendy, contemporary, over-sized, sporty, sporty-chic, street-fashion oriented, dive watch style and more.

Well-liked men’s wristwatch models are Buzz Mark, Jimmy, Danny, Rock, Dillon, Larry and Truman. The ladies' collection includes round, square and rectangular shaped case designs. Considerable majority of the timepieces feature round cases, and popular among them are Amy, Baker, Blade, Dizz, Farrow, Fergus, Henry, Marci, Molly, Peeker, Raver, Sally, Sloane and Tether.

Katherine is a square marc jacobs watch, Viv is a rectangular wristwatch and the Logo Plaque model features an elongated rectangular case. Some comprehensive collections like Henry, Rock and Fergus offer both ladies and gent’s timepieces.

Marc by Marc Jacobs typically offers time-only, time with date and chronograph watch models. It includes timepieces with case diameters typically ranging from a mere 21mm to 48mm. With diameter of 21mm, the Amy Dinky, Henry Dinky and Henry Mini are extremely smaller girls gold watch style models.

The collection also includes larger watches, especially chronographs, with 44 and 46mm cases. The diver style model features a 45mm diameter case. Many of these large-sized watches are equally suitable for men and women due to their unisex appeal. The largest model in the collection is the 47mm X-up Ana-Digi wristwatch.

Mostly quartz-powered, Marc by Marc Jacobs watches incorporate Swiss or Japanese movements. The brand also offers mechanical wristwatches, for example, the Henry skeleton automatic watch.

Majority of these timepieces are made of stainless steel. The brand uses IP plating technique to produce gold tones and other shades. The watches are fitted with matching stainless steel bracelets or leather straps. Some models come with silicone straps. Depends on the model, water resistances can be 30, 50 or 100 meters. All the brand's timepieces are fitted with mineral crystal glasses.

Design Features of Marc by Marc Jacobs Watches

A key feature of most of the Marc by Marc Jacobs watches is the playful integration of alphabets representing the brand name on the dials and bezels. It can be either functional or merely an aesthetic feature.

The placing of alphabets varies depending upon the watch model. For instance, the Amy watch features bold-sized bezel engraved with MARC BY MARC JACOBS. The Blade model can be distinguished by its eye-catching bezels marked with ‘BY MARC JACOBS’, with each letter representing an hour-marker.

The Baker watch features alphabets MARC in place of four indexes, starting from 12 to 3. The Tether model sets off a transparent outer dial-ring and a small centre-dial supported by alphabet structures representing MARC.

Dressed in a polycarbonate case, the Sloane wristwatch features small centre-dial surrounded by an outer ring featuring bold-sized letters (BY MARC JACOBS) applied on it for marking hours. The Henry skeleton watch has BY MARC JACOBS alphabets for supporting the dial. Some models incorporate the alphabets (MARC or BY MARC JACOBS) on their dials as hour-markers.

A small number of watch models do not follow this specific pattern. For example, watches like Farrow and Peeker feature traditional style indexes and numerals on their dials. The Fergus chronograph and the Fergus day-date models incorporate extremely small BY MARC JACOBS lettering on the minute track.

Another distinctive feature of jacob watches is the immense selection of gold-toned and bi-color versions of almost all models. Depends upon the collection, all-black versions are equally available. The brand also offers some monochromatic themed watches, like Sloane.

Moreover several models offer various case dimensions in the same format, making it suitable for every wrist size. For example, the Baker Mini with 28mm case is the smaller counter part of the Baker watch. The brand use suffixes like ‘mini’ or ‘dinky’ to represent the small versions of a particular timepiece.

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