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  2. 3 Most Popular Military Watches

    3 Most Popular Military Watches

    Toughness, resistance to extreme conditions, multi-functional, these are all words to describe a military watch. Let’s pick one from the list below to show your masculinity and character. 3 Top Military Watches You Should Know Casio G-shock The Japanese watch brand Casio is famous for its electronics and digital products. Many Casio watches are digital or a combination of analog and digital, leading the trend in the watchmaking industry. The brand is the pioneer of electronic technologies and has brought the best digital watches to the world stage. Its G-shock series with colourful and attractive design shines in the sports world and fashion circle while the toughness and durability of G-shock attract the attention of military personnel.  The most popular series among Casio watches must be the g shock watches for men. Aim at sports and outdoor activities, g shock military collection has an excellent performance in shock and vibration resistance. The cool and distinctive design of G-Shock makes it outstanding on the wearer’s wrist and the practical functions and reasonable price of it lead to its rising popularity. The first G-Shock was born in 1983, featuring a 10-year battery, resistance to shock and vibration and water resistance to 100 meters. This sports watch adopts a layer guard structure to protect it from shocks and vibrations. The rubber outer layer is a shield for the more vulnerable inside parts, making this outlook the icon of G-Shock. Together with the stainless steel case back and the extra-hard glass surface, the timepiece is stronger and more durable than others. The brand has an innovative spirit in designing outdoor watches. Apart from rubber wristband, there are new models that fitted with steel or titanium wristband.  The features of today’s G-shocks include a stopwatch and countdown timer function, electroluminescent backlight for visibility in the dark and 200-meters of water resistance. G-shock is considered as one of the strongest watches in the world. The latest G-Shock models feature more advanced functions like atomic clock sync and solar energy. In all G-Shock watches for men, MRG is the most advanced series among them, equipped with high-end technology and high-performance materials. The series has been named the best G-shock and one of the best outdoor watches.  MRG is not only a G-Shock military-style watch but also a multi-function chronograph and the best GPS watch. A chronograph is a combination of watch and stopwatch. It has a smaller dial for stopwatch display and an independent sweep second hand for time-keeping. Function-wise, this watch includes a time adjustment system capable of obtaining data via G-Shock Bluetooth, GPS signals, and time signals,*GPS hybrid radio-controlled solar combines Casio’s own solar power charging system, positioning using GPS, and reception of time calibration signals around the world, making it the best GPS watch for hiking. The G-Shock military watches also possess solar energy and are water-resistant to 200 meters, a strong performance when compared to other diving watches. Some advanced models are fitted with the first-ever dura soft fluoro-rubber band, offering both a comfortable touch and durability to users.  Hamilton Khaki field Hamilton watches are well known for American Spirit and Swiss Precision. The Swiss-made movements guarantee the precision, no matter they are automatic, mechanical, or quartz watches. Hamilton is good at craftsmanship of military and aviation timepieces, including the Khaki Field, Khaki Aviation, Khaki Navy.  Hamilton Khaki field has a 38mm stainless steel case with simple design. The clear design is made up of essential elements, three hand display, black, white or green dial, luminescent numerals, most importantly, fitted with the durable, Hamilton only NATO strap. The timepiece is a vintage military watch originated from the timepiece of soldier, maintaining the toughness and coolness of the American Army watches. Though it has a rather basic design, its sophisticated self-winding caliber makes it the best field watches. The latest H-50 movement provides a power-reserve of 80 hours.   Bell and Ross Bell and Ross is one of the innovative brand for military-style watches. Greatly inspired by aviation army and aeronautical instruments, the brand is proud of its precise craftsmanship in Swiss. It has a goal to create timepieces for men in extreme conditions. Gathering elites in design and engineering, Bell & Ross guarantees every of its watch with legibility, functionality, precision and reliability.  The special square-shape design of Bell and Ross watches bring them to the spotlight. The 46mm square-shape case in the series brings an extraordinary, charming outlook. Inspired by air force, some of the models have a dial design similar to meters and aeronautical instruments in the cockpits. Among all, the compass watch with an advanced design dial is one of the most wanted. The brand spent a great effort in combining the design if a navigation compass and an easy-to-read watch. The latest models even include a bi-compass design drawn from the actual American Navy instruments. The mechanical automatic watch is fitted in a steel case and an iconic screw-in crown, symbolizing the strength of men. The anti-reflective sapphire helps enhance the readability of the dial. The strap of the square watches is a heavy-duty synthetic fabric one, ensuring the durability and toughness. With so many different choices, Bell and Ross is considered as the best tactical watch in the market. 

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  3. 4 Best Pilot Watches that You Should Not Miss

    4 Best Pilot Watches that You Should Not Miss

    The pilot watches today have turned to a fashion item together with practical functions as a chronograph. They are popular because of their attractive designs for gentlemen, clean and easy readability of the dial and various functions other than timing. Here we are going to introduce a few eye-catching brands for pilot watches. 4 Most Popular Pilot Watches Rolex Sky Dweller  The Rolex Sky Dweller is an iconic aviation watch. The Rolex pilot watch is characterized by many distinctive features, including a display of a second time zone, an annual calendar, and most importantly, the Rolex only rotatable Ring Command bezel. The off-centered sub-dial is a 24-hour display for the second time zone which is a practical function for pilots and frequent travelers, allowing users to clearly distinguish daytime from night-time in the second time zone. Rolex Sky Dweller 326939-WO The annual calendar in Sky-Dweller is also patented by Rolex. This revolutionary system replicates the irregular occurrence of 30 and 31 days in different months. Rolex adds innovation to this wristwatch for a more user-friendly function. There is a rotatable ring command bezel topped on the dial. It can be turned to a different position for the selection of date, local time and reference time in the sub-dial. This design allows a quick and easy adjustment with the winding crown. The sophisticated and high-quality design is powered by caliber 9001, a self-winding mechanical movement developed by Rolex in 2012. It is named one of the most complicated Rolex’s movements, aiming to ensure the smooth interaction between the movement and the bezel of the timepiece to set various functions with just a few simple steps.  Shop Rolex Sky Dweller IWC Pilot Founded in 1868, the Swiss luxury watch brand IWC is famous for its handcrafted mechanical timepieces. IWC pilot watches are one of the most eye-catching collections among the brand’s broad range design of luxury timepieces. The founder of IWC is an American who had an aim to merge his country’s watchmaking technology with the precise and skilled craftsmanship of Switzerland. IWC is striving for excellence in its iconic watch families along with its 150 years of heritage. As the best chronograph watch, IWC pilot watches feature chronograph design on the dial, but in a simple and low-profile style, providing functional features and adding distinctive designs to its timepieces. The dark-colored dial has a cockpit-instrument look, including contrasting and luminescent hands and markers design. The most outstanding design of IWC’s pilot watch is the enlarged conical crown of the big face watches, which is a specific feature for pilots who usually wear thick gloves together with flight suits. The enlarged conical crown allows the wearer to grip and adjust the tool easily. IWC Pilot IW377714 IWC has five families in its aviation watch collection – Spitfire with designs paying tribute to the fighter plane and optimized with various complications; IWC Le Petit Prince with a trademark blue dial as a special edition for the world-famous French literature ”Le Petit Prince”; IWC Top Gun featuring black ceramic cases, Classic with clean and bare dial design, and Antoine De Saint-Exupery with a special tobacco brown dial representing the humanist’s great contribution to writing the history of aviation.  Shop IWC Pilot Breitling Navitimer The founder of Breitling was an expert in chronographs. The brand invented the world’s first chronograph watches on the wrist in 1915. The iconic separated button on the watch crown has total control of the timekeeping function. This design which surprised the world of watch manufacturing was later evolved to a two-buttons one. Breitling was granted a patent for the world’s first wrist chronograph with two buttons, setting its status in the watch industry. Launched in 1952, Breitling Navitimer is specially made for pilots flying up in the sky.  The slide rule bezel on top of the large dial is the most iconic feature of the collection. This bezel is designed for aviation calculation like elevation speed, fuel consumption, and speed of the plane. The large dial in Navitimer is another feature. Their size ranged from 43mm to 46mm, slightly bigger than the ordinary design for men’s watches, offering a clear and enhanced readability watch face and an increased space for various complications like 30-minute counter and 12-hour counter. The chronograph has a sharp red seconds hand in its central dial, making it an outstanding and modern design. Some advanced models even offer a split-seconds hand for intermediate times measurement controlled by the third pusher into the crown.  Shop Breitling Hamilton Khaki Aviation Hamilton watches are well known for American Spirit and Swiss Precision. The Swiss-made movements guarantee precision, no matter whether they are automatic, mechanical, or quartz watches. Hamilton is good at the craftsmanship of military and aviation timepieces, including the Khaki Field, Khaki Aviation, Khaki Navy. Hamilton has been the sponsor of the Air Race World Championship since 2005 and has become its official timekeeper in 2007, reinforcing its status of accurate timing. Hamilton Khaki Aviation is well designed for pilots. On top of the accuracy in time telling, different models offer various complications. Some of them are hearted with a caliber that provides an extra-long power reserve of 80 hours while some like the Khaki Aviation X-Wind is installed with a drift angle calculator for crosswind calculation for plane landing.  The collection also has a beautiful design as wristwatches – engraved leather straps, enlarged numerals on the dial, and the curved day window at 12 o’clock position in specific models.  Shop Hamilton Khaki Aviation

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  4. 5 Popular Dive Watches

    5 Popular Dive Watches

    Enjoying water sports in the summer while concerning about the gear on your wrist? A strong dive watch is your perfect choice! Water resistance, legibility and durability, these are all the following diving watches have. 5 Top Luxury Dive Watches Omega Seamaster Omega is named as the manufacturer of the world’s first industrially produced dive watch for commercial distribution in the 30’s. The brand launched the Omega Seamaster 300M since the ’50s, having a great impact on the watch manufacturing industry. The timepiece allows the wearer to dive up to 300 meters under the sea. Omega Seamaster 300m Co-Axial With the popularity gained from the Seamaster 300 collection, Omega launched the advanced version – Seamaster 300 master Co-Axial for an upgraded dive watch with the brand’s most innovative technology. The symmetrical case and lugs, a dark dial set with lighter indexes, big hands, and numerals for enhanced readability are the iconic features of Seamaster. The advanced version is fitted with an extendable bracelet and a fully anti-magnetic mechanical movement. The diving scales on the bezel are also made of innovative materials – the Liquidmetal which is an alloy that offers silvery beauty and incredible hardness and resistance, as well as the Ceragold which allows seamless bonding between 18-carat gold and ceramic for a smooth touch. Rolex submariner Rolex Submariner is the most popular series in Rolex watch from the ’50s until now. It hit the divers’ community when it was launched in 1953 as it was the first wristwatch to overcome the depth of water to 100 meters, proving the professional timepiece manufacturing technique of Rolex. The breakthrough of the water-resistance technique makes Rolex Submariner a milestone in the industry, setting a new standard for divers watch. The design of the Rolex Submariner is functionally driven for diving in the deep sea. The unidirectional rotatable bezel was first seen in Rolex Submariner, which is actually an essential tool to count divers’ time underwater precisely. The large and clear luminescent hour markers, together with the luminescent Chromalight display in this bezel watch, enhance legibility and allow divers to have a clear reading of time under the dark condition in the ocean. The iconic bezel and dial design of Submariner have now become not only a true diving watch but also an identity and icon for watch collectors when it comes to the royal Rolex bracelet on your wrist.   Rolex Submariner 116610 LV Rolex Submariner green 116610 LV is one of the most famous ones among Rolex dive watches. It is known as the “Rolex Hulk” with a green bezel and a green dial. Breitling Superocean The Superocean is a classic dive watch collection of Breitling. Created in 1957, it was originally developed for professional and military divers. With the rising popularity and demand, the brand later launched different models for leisure divers and watch collectors. The Breitling Superocean is the first dive watch series by Breitling. Its clean and practical design with enlarged Arabic numerals and bolded hands are advantages for legibility for divers underwater. The Superocean series has been well supported by the brand and the public. Breitling has launched many different models with advanced functions in the decades. One of the most distinguished features of today’s Superocean is the helium valve invented. It allows the watch to withstand water pressure as deep as 2,000 meters in the sea. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Superocean, the brand launched the Breitling Superocean Heritage in 2007. Saluted to the original design of Superocean, the Superocean heritage has the vintage logo and the braided steel bracelet. More dial colours and size are available in this new collection to add freshness to this series with over 50 years of history.  Tudor Pelagos Everyone knows that Tudor is a watch manufacturer owned by the world leader Rolex. The founder Hans Wilsdorf aimed at selling watches at a different price level than Rolex which yet could attain Rolex’s standard of dependability. The Tudor Pelagos, having a water resistance of 500 meters, is described as a tool watch for diving. Tudor Pelagos 25600TN-0001 It is the first watch in both Rolex and Tudor which is made of the light weighted and durable Titanium. On the left-hand side of the 42mm case lied a helium release valve for pressure adjustment underwater. The hour markers and the beautiful snowflake hands are all luminous in sharp blue under dark. The black dial is topped with a ceramic and uni-directional bezel. The scales on the bezel are also injected with luminous materials for legibility in the deep ocean. To fit with the real needs of the diver, Tudor even made a slight adjustment on the bracelet design. The bracelet of Tudor Pelagos is more flexible for accommodating different water pressure. The timepiece also comes with two sets of rubber strap for sports lovers who prefer a rubber strap on their wrist. Seiko Seiko is a famous watch manufacturer in Japan. Seiko Prospex diver watch is the pride of the company as Seiko was the first to create a Titanium dive watch that can go deep to 600 meters of water in 1975. With its strong background in digital watch development, Seiko was also the first one to launch the diving computer watch that could provide accurate information like the current depth level of the diver. Seiko Prospex SBBN025 Seiko dive watch has much innovative technology to achieve its performance underwater. The original torque control bezel and the world’s first outer frame protector structure for enhanced shock resistance are the recognizable features. The accordion-style type polyurethane bracelet of its dive watches is also specially designed for the flexibility during diving. The popularity of its dive watch not only comes from its practicality and superb performance underwater but also has a cool and attractive outlook that could fit gentlemen’s everyday use.    

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  5. The 5 Popular Brands for the Best Automatic Watches

    The 5 Popular Brands for the Best Automatic Watches

    The components inside the heart of automatic watches are driven by the kinetic energy generated from the movement of the wearer’s wrist. This is the reason why they are considered as self-winding. Here we are going to introduce some famous brands for best automatic watches. 5 Top Brands That Manufacture The Best Automatic Watches Patek Philippe Patek Phillippe is very proud of its Genevan identity, as the last independent and family-owned watch manufacturer there. The brand owns the ultimate freedom in innovation for design and crafts the world’s finest watches with its traditional watchmaking artistry. Patek Phillippe made one of the best swiss watches for men. The automatic watch capable of displaying dual time zones and even world time is the best example to demonstrate the engineers’ creativity. In addition, all movements and components are made in its own workshop to guarantee the quality, resulting in many extraordinary timepieces that fetch record prices at various auctions. Patek Phillippe sky moon tourbillon, named as one of the most complicated wristwatches in the world ever, is one of those that hit the record. The brand strives for perfection to the greatest extent by setting the strictest standards for each of the watch components. The movement of these Genevan watches is very accurate with a tolerance of less than -3/+2 seconds per day. The Patek Philippe Seal also guarantees a lifetime after-sale service for maintenance, repair, and restoration, giving users the best experience.  Even the basic model of the automatic watch by the brand can provide a genuine royal Genevan watchmaking style to the wearer.   PATEK PHILIPPE Nautilus 5711/1A-010 To have a better appreciation of the fine components inside the watch, the Patek Phillippe Nautilus 5711 series is always on the collectors’ list. Tag Heuer Tag Heuer’s automatic watches for men have long been a symbol of masculinity, with famous sportsmen and formula racers being its spokespersons. The Swiss brand, with over 150 years of history, has four of its own workshops to produce timepieces of precise accuracy and disruptive design. Based on three important pillars, sports, lifestyle, and heritage, Tag Heuer is keen on manufacturing world-class automatic watches for wearers who like to live up to challenges. This explains why it is a partner of many prestigious names in the sports world, namely the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and Manchester United, etc.   Tag Heuer automatic watches have quite different designs in various collections. Apart from the Tag Heuer Formula 1 collection, there is the Tag Heuer Aquaracer inspired by underwater activities. TAG Heuer Aquaracer WAY211C.FT6155 The double security clasp and unidirectional rotating bezel designed for Tag Aquaracer made it a piece of strong timing equipment under the sea. There is also the Heuer Autavia inspired by an aeroplane cockpit. Its groundbreaking ISOGRAPH technology for high chronometer precision is legendary to the brand.  On the other hand, Tag Heuer Link is a more lifestyle design, putting a spotlight on its specially designed and most comfortable bracelet.  If you are looking for a more sophisticated design, Tag Carerra, a tribute to the Carrera Panamericana auto race and the first chronograph specifically designed for professional drivers, should definitely on your list.   Hamilton  Hamilton watches are well known for American Spirit and Swiss Precision. The Swiss made movements guarantee the precision in its automatic watches. Hamilton is good at the craftsmanship of military and aviation timepieces, including the Hamilton Khaki Field series. Hamilton has been the sponsor of the Air Race World Championship since 2005 and has become its official timekeeper in 2007, reinforcing its status of accurate timing. Hamilton Khaki Field H69449961 On top of the accuracy in time telling, different models of Hamilton watches offer various complications. Some of them are hearted with a caliber that provides an extra-long power reserve of 80 hours. Some possess practical functions like curved day window, chronograph, and drift angle calculator. The brand creates a beautiful design for its automatic wristwatches, manufacturing innovative, attractive, and unusual timepieces that draw collectors’ attention. Seiko Seiko is the Japanese historical watch manufacturing brand since the 19th century. It achieved a number of the world’s first, spreading its popularity to the world. The brand invented the first wristwatch made in Japan, the world’s first quartz watch, the first diver’s watch with a titanium case, and now the famous Seiko GMT watches, and the first automatic Eco-Drive watch. It all thanks to the hard work of Seiko’s research team and engineers. The brand is good at designing timepieces with trendy and charming outlook, as well as practical functions. It develops an automatic watch series for diving that can withstand the water pressure up to 200 meters, powered by its strong caliber and Seiko’s own jewel fitted self-winding movement. Apart from its reliable mechanism inside the watch, it also has brilliant designs – a clear day and date display, highly luminous hands and markers treated with Lumibrite for superior low light visibility, and a crew down crown for better water resistance. The automatic movement is not as accurate as of the quartz ones and may result in a mistake of 3 to 4 seconds per day, but it is an acceptable performance for the automatic movement. Seiko Prospex SBDY017 Clear sight underwater is important for divers, thus enhanced luminosity is introduced to this Seiko diver watch is with organic luminous material which is recharged by sunlight or other light energy, reiterating the power of its automatic watches.

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