Rado: The Best Choice for Your First Ceramic Watch

As you may have already noticed, today ceramics and material innovation have become some of the most important battlefields among major watch brands in the global market. Scratch-resistant, light-weight and durable, these features have made ceramic the hottest premium watchmaking material. Ceramic bezels or even full ceramic watch has now generally replaced stainless steel bezel with aluminum inserts by luxury brands, including the legendary Rolex, Omega and many more.

However, if we have to name the brand which is most renowned for ceramic watches, it must be Rado. After its introduction of the world’s first scratch-resistant ceramic watch, the Rado Diastar, the brand has been pioneering in watchmaking material. As such, if you are thinking of owning your first ceramic watch, why not get one from the master of ceramic? 

Brief History of Rado Ceramic Watches


Initially established under the name Schlup & Co., by brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup in 1917, the original Rado company started as a small atelier in Switzerland. Since then the Schlup company had grown steadily and became a large-scale mechanical movement manufacturer by the end of the Second World War. Grounding by its early success, the company began to launch Rado branded watches in 1950.

Despite a stable growth during its first 10 years, it was the year 1962 that Rado gained the world’s attention. It was when Rado set an essential milestone to watchmaking history, with the ever-first scratch-resistant watch, the DiaStar 1. 

The Rado DiaStar 1 watch was introduced with two world records in modern watchmaking: the world’s first scratch-resistant case, and the sapphire crystal, which made the world’s first scratch-proof watch. Also presented as the first ceramic watch in the industry, Rado DiaStar represents a milestone in watchmaking that is significant when we can see the ceramic timepiece trend today. The innovative brand has then quickly climbed up to be a leader in technical materials up to this date.

Ever since the groundbreaking release of the first ceramic watch, Rado has been dedicating itself to inventing technologically advanced materials, such as Hi-Tech ceramics, ultra-light ceramics and special alloys such as Ceramos throughout the next few decades. Every new watch model it launched had surprised and amazed watch enthusiasts from all over the world. The strive for Innovation has been one of the key strengths for Rado’s success. 

Rado successfully established their position in the industry as an innovator in the realm of watchmaking materials. With the range of advanced materials introduced, from state-of-the-art high-tech ceramics and high-tech diamonds to the highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, Rado has always focused and emphasized the importance on durability. The brand has also placed comfortability as another main concern and made a large part of the materials they use to be hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin. Durable, comfortable, and affordable, the Rado watches are considered as one of the best entry-level luxury watches amongst watch collectors. 


Popular Rado Ceramic Watch Models

Following the iconic Rado Diastar watch, the brand has continued to develop and introduce new inventions and watch models to the market. The current Rado ceramic watch family is housing a number of collections with different styles to meet the needs of every watch lover. Here are some of the notable Rado ceramic watches that you may find suitable for your own style and personality.

Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Diver


For outdoor and sports lovers, the Rado Captain Cook ceramic diver watch should be a perfect pick. The original Captain Cook collection was first launched in 1962 as a reliable tool watch for professionals, such as doctors, engineers, athletes and divers, who needed highly accurate timekeeping. This watch featured a pivoting anchor on the dial under the 12 o’clock hour marker. It was the first appearance of the brand’s trademark. 

Introduced in 2021, the new ceramic version of this model is carefully crafted with the brand’s most advanced high-tech ceramic material. Perfectly blending the advanced features, this Rado ceramic diver watch is a contemporary interpretation of its vintage model from 1962. Keeping the most iconic vintage details, the Captain Cook diver is considered a notable choice to own both the brand’s heritage and modern advancements. 

Rado True Square

The True Square watch is another collection the brand takes pride in as the first Rado square watch. It is also claimed as the world’s first square ceramic watch by the brand. With such an iconic shape, the case and bracelet are made fully from injection-molded monobloc high-tech ceramic, meeting every Rado requirement. 

Amongst the Rado True Square ceramic models, the open heart and full skeleton version are the most popular. You can see the beauty and sophistication of their movements clearly. It is definitely a beautiful piece to turn heads on every occasion. 

Rado True Thinline


The True Thinline is a lineup that is considered as the ultimate Rado timepiece to demonstrate all the best innovations of the brand in a nice balance. Introduced alone from the Rado True collection, this series was first introduced in 2011 as Rado’s slimmest watch as well as the first Rado watch equipped with a ground-breaking monobloc case.

Super slim and ultra-light, the Rado True Thinline is made with an ultimate reduction in volume and weight, to just a thickness of less than 5 mm. Such light and gentle material also guarantee the comfort of wearing. 

Although it may look delicate, the True Thinline watch is crafted durable and highly scratch-resistant just like other Rado ceramic watches. So, for owning the first ceramic watch, how about the thinnest high-tech ceramic watch in the world?

Rado Hyperchrome


Dynamic, sporty and timeless, the Rado HyperChrome watch seems to be the right one as a daily watch. First released in 2021, the Rado sports watch was actually inspired by the most popular vintage Rado models. It is made in a manlier look to represent the ideal image of men. With a larger profile for larger wrists, it is an ideal Rado watch for men that look good with both formal or casual outfits. 

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